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How to Bet on NBA Player Props

The sports betting market is constantly evolving and offering bettors novelty products such as proposition bets – also known as “prop bets.”

Unlike the three main betting markets – Moneyline, spread, and total – that focus on the final score, this alternative type of wager centers on specific outcomes within a matchup.

NBA Basketball
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Below, we’ll break down all that you need to know to cash your NBA prop bets.

What Are NBA Player Prop Bets?

In NBA Betting, prop bets focus on specific outcomes such as point scoring, rebounds, and/or assists made by a certain player. However, since prop betting buckles down to different aspects of a game, you can find sportsbooks offering all sorts of prop bets, such as team totals or game props.

For the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on prop player bets only.

Prop player bets are ideal for the analytical bettor. With the advancement of statistics and information at the top of our fingers, there is plenty of online data available that can help to make a more accurate NBA Prediction of a player’s performance. In the sports betting world, this process is called “data mining.”

By analyzing patterns and trends along with several other advanced aspects and correlations such as the opponent team, injuries, and player’s position, a prop bet bettor might have greater chances to cash.

Types of NBA Player Prop Bets

The sportsbooks offer a huge array of prop betting options. For instance, the number of points, rebounds, assists, or 3-pointers made by a player. Each category can be a separate prop bet, or there can even be a combination of all of those.

  • NBA Prop Player Bet on Points: The goal is to predict the number of points a player will have in a specific game. Some sportsbooks offer the option to bet on the total number of points at the end of the four quarters, and some offer the option to bet on the number of points at the first or second half of a game.

For example, Kevin Durant will score over/under 30.5 points in a game.

  • NBA Prop Bet on Assists: The bet will cash if the bettor can predict the number of assists a player will have in a game.

For example, Chris Paul will have over/under 10.5 assists.

  • NBA Prop Bet on Rebounds: The bet consists of predicting the number of rebounds a player will have in a specific game.

For example, Nikola Jokic will have over/under 14.5 rebounds.

  • NBA Prop Bet on Points, Rebounds and Assists Combined: This type of proposition bet will cash if the bettor can predict the combination of these three stats.

For example, James Harden will have over/under 51.5 points, rebounds, and assists.

The sportsbooks add the total number of the three stats combined. The line will read like this: James Harden Over/Under 51.5 points, rebounds and assists.

Depending on the sportsbooks, there are different combinations such as points plus assists, or assists plus rebounds.

NBA Prop Player Betting Strategies

Invest Time in Researching. In prop betting, it is pivotal to become knowledgeable in stats. Fun fact: NBA fans are inquisitive about statistics so the NBA has listened to that demand. The NBA offers basic to advanced players’ stats. The information will serve you in finding trends that can help to make a prediction.

Take Advantage of Fantasy Basketball. All fantasy sports apps and websites follow the same principle: Create teams based on real players’ stats. The greatness of this strategy is that the information you need to evaluate a player’s performance can all be found in one place. Fantasy apps feature the latest and most relevant news on players, such as injury reports and even heads-up tips or facts that you need to take into account if you select (bet on) a player. Additionally, to check out more specific information about the NBA props available for the Utah Jazz matchup.

Bet on Key Players. Here is a strategy that requires bettors to pay attention to more than one aspect at the same time.

  • Player’s minutes on the court: Depending on the line offered by the book, you need to analyze whether or not the player will play enough minutes to be able to total the number of points, assists, or rebounds. Be aware that a player’s minutes on the court can change and affect the outcome of the bet. Key players tend to play more minutes.
  • NBA Load Management: The organization monitors its athletes’ physical activity to prevent injuries. It even strategizes on its games so key players are fresh for more relevant games or the postseason. Sharp bettors will be on top of news and updates. While it is hard to predict when a player will be sent to rest, being aware of this practice can help you to take different routes and avoid over-attachment to certain players.
  • Study Teammates Correlations: Even though we are betting on specific player outcomes, let’s not forget that basketball is a team-based sport. Ask yourself questions like how well a player performs when playing with another one, and how is their performance when certain teammates are on the bench or sitting out of the game.

NBA Prop Player Bets Advantages

  • Prop betting is less stressful (at least a little bit less). Instead of worrying about the outcome of a game, your attention is solely focused on the player.
  • You can bet around the clock. Since you are not betting on a certain team, there is no need to wait for your favorite team to play. You can bet on any player from any team at any time! In addition, if your team does not make it throughout the season, you still have plenty of options to continue having fun … and cashing.
  • Prop player bets allow you to bet in a more targeted fashion. By following the prop betting strategies above mentioned, you can become a player performance specialist and make more accurate predictions.
  • Prop bets have greater value on matchups that might not offer a great payout on traditional betting markets. Usually, games between not-so-hyped teams don’t pay well, so prop bets become more attractive in such cases.

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