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LeBron Washed Up? Here’s Why He’ll Never Win Another NBA Championship

LeBron James is out of the first round of the NBA playoffs yet again. The so-called “King” James could not lead his Los Angeles Lakers past the Denver Nuggets as they fell in five games. This should close the book on James’s status as a title contender. Whether he stays with L.A. or goes to another team does not matter.

We’re not just talking smack or “hatin’” on the King. But like other legends before him, going out on top is almost impossible to do. So it’s time to move on.

LeBron Washed Up? Here's Why He'll Never Win Another NBA Championship
Aaron Gordon #50 of the Denver Nuggets guards LeBron James #23 of the Los Angeles Lakers - Matthew Stockman/Getty Images/AFP

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James Is Not “That Guy” Anymore

There was once a time when LeBron James’s mere name shook up the NBA. He was so feared that teams cowered and gave him their city. Right, LeBronto? But that feels like ages ago. Now, the King’s game is superseded by his obsessive stat-padding and awful temper tantrums. He’s become the “man-child” and we don’t say that as a compliment.

Now, some of you stans may point out to his statistics. James just averaged 27.8 points, 8.8 assists, and 2.4 steals (league-leading) in the five playoff games against Denver. In the regular season, he’s still an All-Star with averages of 25.7 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 8.3 assists while shooting 54%.

One, these are great stats. Cool. But two, these don’t make up for two of James’s major deficiencies now: 1) endurance and durability; and 2) defense or lack thereof. The Nuggets series is a nice summary of what a James-led team is prone to.

The Lakers had great stretches against the Nuggets. They had great quarters or even halves. Sometimes they had them on the ropes. But the Lakers could not hold on. Denver outlasted them as seen by L.A.’s atrocious -22.7 net rating in the second halves.

On top of that, James’s net rating was -4.3 as the guy with the highest usage rate. He also had the second-lowest defensive win-share and was only “okay” on defense as players he guarded shot 47% from the field.

But that’s okay! James is almost 40 years old. He’s not supposed to be the league’s most dominant player anymore. And he likely does not care anymore because…



LeBron Has Bigger Fish To Fry

Why did James choose the Lakers when he was nearing the twilight of his career? Team-wise, the Lakers were dysfunctional and suffered consecutive losing seasons. James had management clean the house. He went “LeGM” and built a title-winning team, partially thanks to COVID-19. And that’s why he has no worries.

James brought a chip to Tinseltown after a decade of suffering. He’s the first-ever player to win Finals MVP for three different franchises. Now he can set his sights on other things Los Angeles is great for: celebrity.

The man estimated at a $1.2 billion net worth is thinking outside basketball.

Does he have an acting career in the future? It’s not a coincidence Space Jam 2 was made during his time with the Lakers. What about business ventures? He launched SpringHill Company in 2020 with Maverick Carter. He’s also invested in the Blaze Pizza fast-food chain. And then there is real estate. James is not exactly a house-flipper but he did buy and sell, moving from his original location in Brent Wood to the iconic Beverly Hills.

With all these off-court ventures, James has it good outside the NBA. But even if these don’t distract from his skills on the court, let’s say what the greatest impediment is to James’s “ring-chasing”.


Everyone Kisses James’s Butt a Bit Too Much

Everyone knows it but no one has the gall to say it. But the true reason James won’t win another ring is because he calls all the shots. He’s “LeCoach”, “LeGM”, and “LeFlopper” all in one. And kudos to James as they did win that “Mickey Mouse ring” in the NBA Bubble. It’s still a chip.

But James’s penchant for exhorting franchises to do what he wants is what led them to this spot. He wanted Anthony Davis as his wingman. The Lakers had to trade most of its top prospects plus a glut of picks. And Davis has not been that “alpha dog” to take over games for an aging James. Plus he’s rarely played a full season.

The Lakers also hired Darvin Ham with James’s approval and he’s proven to be too inexperienced. And who can forget the biggest disaster of all: trading for Russell Westbrook? James reportedly pushed for the team to make that ill-advised move. Now, it’s still feeling the effects of it.

And in the future, we already know the Lakers will use a draft pick to take his son Bronny James. Never mind that James may not even be worth a first-round pick. The team will do it to appease LeBron.

With all that said, the Lakers or James will not finagle their way into another title. It took a once-in-a-century phenomenon for the Lakers to win in 2020. We’re willing to place a bet online that nothing of the sort happens again… knock on wood.



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