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NBA Free Agency Most Improved Teams

The free agency frenzy in the NBA has yet to hit the really big stories: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Ayton, and others. A lot of NBA betting odds have shifted around as a result.

However, after the developments we have seen thus far, which teams have clearly improved their standing relative to the competition? Let’s take a look at the moves and how they have had an impact in the sportsbook.

NBA Free Agency
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Boston Celtics

The acquisition of Malcolm Brogdon gives Boston another rangy and versatile defender on a roster full of them. Brogdon, though, offers consistent scoring, something not every Celtic was able to contribute against the Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Brogdon is a smart addition, a player who reduces this team’s weaknesses and flaws. That alone gives the Celtics the right to say that they have improved themselves in the Eastern Conference.

A good roster just got better. No one can complain about that in Boston.

Atlanta Hawks

If trading with the San Antonio Spurs for DeJounte Murray isn’t a big addition, then nothing is. Murray is one of the game’s rising young stars.

After spending a few years in purgatory with the Spurs, who were at best a play-in team and never had a really high ceiling during his time in the Alamo City, Murray now gets to play with Trae Young and his supporting cast.

This should improve the Hawks’ standing in the East and make Atlanta a team that should reach the second round of the playoffs next spring after a first-round exit in 2022.

We’ll see if there are other pieces the Hawks can add on top of Murray, but they have already taken a clear step forward. The Hawks are now at 50/1 to win it all, according to the NBA odds.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves, in the eyes of many NBA analysts, overpaid for Rudy Gobert, but they still did land the Utah Jazz big man. The Timberwolves have Gobert on the same floor with Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards.

That is one of the best team trios in the NBA. If the Timberwolves’ wings and other role players can do a reasonably solid job, this is a roster no one will want to deal with in the playoffs.

Towns can become a true stretch four who shoots 3-pointers while Gobert locks down the paint and provides rim protection on defense. Gobert and Towns will both be better because of what the other man does.

They can focus on their own roles, knowing the other will provide a different set of skills at the other end of the court. Even with the overpay – several players plus multiple picks being shipped to Utah – the Timberwolves have an elite starting five.

Now the question is if they can find cheap value additions on the bench, which can provide a boost in next year’s playoffs. They’ll be a popular choice among NBA picks to win the West. Additionally, to check out more specific information about the NBA props available for the Jazz vs Kings matchup.

Philadelphia 76ers

The acquisition of P.J. Tucker is valuable in and of itself because the Sixers didn’t rebound well or have enough defense in the 2022 playoffs.

However, what makes the move better is that while the Sixers improve in and of themselves, they also take Tucker away from the Miami Heat and thereby hurt a conference competitor.

Philadelphia truly improved relative to the competition. The only question is whether the contract was for too long? Tucker is 37 years old and signed on for three years.

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