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NBA Midterm Gambling Report Card: Atlantic Division

Teams worth backing are...

The NBA’s Atlantic Division is a tight race, but which teams benefitted have the bettors?

With only seven wins separating leading Brooklyn and bottom-of-the-table Toronto it’s close, and that’s been reflected in betting online markets.

NBA Midterm Gambling Report Card: Atlantic
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We’re looking at every team and how they’ve performed against the spread.

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have the best record in the division, but has that helped the accounts of their backers?

Despite being 29-17, the Nets are the worst team in the division on which to wager. They are 18-27-1 ATS, a cover rate of only 40%.

It’s not good reading for one of the favorites to win the Eastern Conference, but it’s mainly due to the spreads set out at the sportsbook. The Nets are typically well-favored to win, so they have to cover larger spreads than, for example, the Raptors and Knicks.

We’re not suggesting that Brooklyn’s form won’t improve, but they’ve been a team to avoid.

Boston Celtics

Consistency has been a huge issue for the Boston Celtics, who are back to .500.

Bettors have had a tough time gauging the Celtics with any confidence, though it is best to invest at TD Garden.

They are 15-10 at home (23-24-1 ATS), so they haven’t been too bad overall. However, bettors need to know the right time to pull the trigger.

That can be very difficult with the Celtics, though with a 21-26-1 against the over, it’s often a lower-scoring affair.

Jayson Tatum ignited with 51 points on Sunday against Washington, but he had been struggling from behind the three-point line.

“It hurts,” Tatum told ESPN. “It’s just get back in the gym, watch some film, learn from your mistakes, and try to improve on them.

“But I know for myself, and I guess some of the other guys who aren’t shooting as well, it’s not going to change how people guard us. They know what [I am] capable of, and it’s just a matter of getting out of it.”

The lack of team dynamic is a concern, so perhaps bettors should be wary of backing Boston post All-Star break.

New York Knicks

it was going to be a huge season for the New York Knicks, but then…

New York has regressed significantly, Sunday’s matinee win over the Clippers notwithstanding.

We shouldn’t be surprised, given the Knicks’ struggles over the last multitude of years.

NBA betting odds had been favoring the Knicks, but with a spread record of 23-24, they’re been a shade under mediocre..

They’re just 12-14 at Madison Square Garden, so it makes them a tough team on which to wager with confidence. Is there a down the stretch?

They’ve underperformed, so bettors should get value and (theoretically) favorable situations with the Knicks.

Philadelphia 76ers

Covering at better than a 50-percent race-52.2%, to be precise-the 76ers have been a solid bet thus far.

In a division that’s devoid of a standout team wagering-wise, the 76ers earn a passing grade at 24-22 ATS.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing, with the failed appearance of Ben Simmons, so Philadelphia’s 27-19 record is an accomplishment

With Joel Embiid in the lineup, the sportsbooks respect the 76ers. They are often favored, especially at home. However, unlike previous seasons, they’re only 10-10 at home, while 17-9 on the road.

There’s some money to be made betting on the 76ers away from home, so we’d suggest sticking with that strategy as they are one of our NBA best bets.

Toronto Raptors

The award for best team to follow in the Atlantic Division goes to…the Toronto Raptors.

Alphabetically last (blame the city name), the Raptors are first when wagering, at 23-20-1 ATS. That’s a spread cover percentage of 53.5%. It’s a good record for a .500 (22-22) team, one which could continue to play well.

There isn’t a ton separating any team in Atlantic, but the Raptors have emerged as the best bet, and we don’t see that changing.

Bookmakers offer value odds for the Raptors, and their 5-5 division record trails just the Nets at 6-1.

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