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Scottie Barnes Becomes Highest-Paid Toronto Raptor of All Time

22-Year-Old Forward Scottie Barnes Has Agreed to a Historic 5-Year, $270M Deal with the Toronto Raptors

Barnes Got Paid

This is the season for players to get massive contract extensions. The latest player to make NBA news by signing an extension is Toronto Raptors guard/forward Scottie Barnes. The 22-year-old is signing a five-year, $270 million extension, per NBA rumors from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

This comes after Barnes made his first All-Star team last season. Scottie Barnes’ stats don’t jump off the page as he only averaged 19.9 points a game for the Raptors last season. However, he’s an all-around player and is still very young.

Scottie Barnes Becomes Highest-Paid Toronto Raptor of All Time
Scottie Barnes #4 | Andy Lyons/Getty Images/AFP

Toronto has had a hard time finding a direction since winning the NBA Finals in 2019 and it’s evident that they see Barnes as a player to build around. Picking a direction and committing to it is the best way to get back to the NBA playoffs.


Should the Raptors Have Paid this Much for Barnes?

Barnes is a very good player and could be the second or third-best player on a championship team. The contract the Raptors are giving Barnes is too much but it’s also indicative of a bigger problem facing the NBA.



When you set a max contract, everybody is going to want it. It leads to players like Barnes getting overpaid. Should he be making similar money to players like Luka Doncic or Nikola Jokic? No way but it’s just kind of how the NBA does things now.

The Raptors have to be banking on him continuing to improve. The team’s roster isn’t particularly great and it will only get harder to upgrade now that Barnes has been paid. It’s easy to understand why Toronto paid him. If they didn’t, another team likely swoop in and give him a max deal.

Toronto had its worst record in NBA games since 2011-12 last season and they could be eager to turn things around. Signing Barnes shows that the team has a direction and that could lead to them going star hunting.

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