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Shaq Lands Jabs! Can Shannon Sharpe Take the Rap?

It’s hard telling it how it is. Shaquille O’Neal has been catching strays from the likes of Shannon Sharpe and Nikola Jokic fans. The all-time NBA great turned studio analyst told Jokic, to his face, that he thought “Shai deserved MVP.” And as it turned out, both Jokic’s and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s teams got bounced from the NBA playoffs.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are now the favored team from the West per the latest NBA odds.

Shaq Lands Jabs! Can Shannon Sharpe Take the Rap
Shaquille O'Neal - Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images/AFP

But the way Sharpe and Jokic’s stans went at Shaq felt like they took it more personally than Jokic did. A Hall of Famer, O’Neal was accused of being “jealous” of Jokic since the third MVP win for the Denver Nuggets star makes it two more than O’Neal. The accusation is hollow, and if O’Neal needs to box up Sharpe to prove his innocence, so be it.


Shaq vs Sharpe: What’s the Beef?

O’Neal tends to get under people’s skin because he stays true to himself. Since he became a regular on “NBA on TNT,” he’s consistently gotten into it with co-host Charles Barkley and sometimes with the guests. Now, his most notable feud is with another all-time great-turned media personality: Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, went in on O’Neal on his show “Nightcap.”

“I think a part of Shaq – he might have never meant this – but he sees these guys winning MVPs, and is a little envious,” Sharpe began. “And I don’t care, look, I understand Shaq got four titles and he’s got three Finals MVPs. But Shaq knows deep down … we should be having this discussion for ‘GOAT’. Shaq’s name is never brought up in this discussion.

Sharpe then went on to criticize O’Neal for allegedly not taking the game seriously enough and, thus, never reaching his full potential.

This struck a nerve with O’Neal, who is one of the most sensitive but also colorful personalities. So he responded in a way Shaq does: via music.

O’Neal dusted off his rapping hat and put out a diss track and replied to “Unc”:

Your whole demeanor is faker than new rapper beefy/ You’re soft before you get fly, you’d rather tweet me/ I was in three different cars when you was in three feet/ All I see is dollar signs, they coming in 3-D,” O’Neal raps. “Make it hot, ain’t no way around my degrees/ You are not in my spot, you are like a peewee.

This was on top of O’Neal calling Sharpe’s podcast “bull****” and taking to social media to diss Sharpe while also saying the ex-NFL standout is “beneath him.” And something tells us the big man is not done lighting up Sharpe.


Tale of the Tape: Who Wins?

We’re also just waiting for O’Neal to challenge Sharpe to a boxing match this year. The novelty odds for that to take place before 2025 is a longshot at 33/1. There is a better chance that Sharpe will release a diss track at 12/1 or Shaq will feature Jokic in a song at 16/1.

This whole rap beef is hot right now as the Drake vs Kendrick Lamar flap has been in the spotlight recently.

If O’Neal does fight Sharpe in an exhibition match, we may have to bet the farm on Shaq here. He’s younger, bigger and angrier. The four-time NBA champion is 52 and stands 7-foot-1 and 325 pounds. He’s also got a wingspan of 7-7. In comparison, Sharpe is 55, 6-2 and 228 pounds.

Maybe Sharpe can pull off an upset as he could be the faster of the two? This is one beef worth keeping track of and the sportsbook has odds for it.



Questions of the Day

What are other celebrity feuds that can be bet on?

Visit the “Novelty” section of the sportsbook to find several feuds you can bet on. Drake vs Kendrick Lamar is on there.

What is Shaquille O’Neal doing now?

O’Neal is currently a co-host on NBA on TNT. He has only been making sporadic appearances, however.

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