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Our NBA picks help you figure out which NBA Odds are worth considering. We cover everything from the NBA Draft Odds to Futures picks. That’s over 2,400 NBA games ranging from summer league all the way to the Finals.

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We’re covering almost everything and not just sticking with the big-market NBA teams like the Los Angeles Lakers. In fact, a number of our writers are fans of the “lovable loser” franchises like the Charlotte Hornets. They’ve got LaMelo now!

We can’t promise every pick will yield a winner in the same way that Kevin Durant can’t hit every game-winning shot. But we can promise extensive analysis on each game and every bet, courtesy of a team of writers who, like you, are obsessed NBA fans. 

The best aspect about the NBA betting odds is how they are available all year. No kidding. Our thirst for NBA basketball doesn’t take a break. So we cover all forms of picks.

  • Point spread picks: The bread-and-butter of betting picks, we also recommend alternative spreads.
  • Straight-up picks: Just hammer the Lakers and Nets against the lottery teams. It’s hard not to rely on heavy chalk, but we do our best to get as much value with our picks — parlays included!
  • Totals and team totals: Always bet the under? Nah. But if there is an edge or a trend that’s going unnoticed, we’re all over it.
  • Props: Inspired by daily fantasy sports (DFS) and the likes, we also enjoy a solid prop bet of your favorite player going over 30 points. Unless that player is Ben Simmons. Too soon?
  • Futures: We do our best to turn hot takes into winning wagers. But, sometimes you just can’t sell anyone to bet on the Sacramento Kings to win the NBA championship.

Follow our advice and bring it to the online sportsbook — or do the opposite and fade us if you think you know better. But if you need a quick read on the latest NBA updates to spice up your NBA games, by all means, it’s here.