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Sometimes, when making your NBA picks on the BetUS website, you need a little help. That is what we are here to do at the Locker Room.

On the BetUS website, the NBA odds are constantly updated, from games to player props, and futures. With many possible betting options, the Locker Room staff is here to keep you well-informed on all the best values and bets available.

Our group of writers keeps up to date on the league, tracking all of the NBA news that might help with any bet, focusing on game-to-game trends and streaky players.

It doesn’t matter if it is a big market team like the Los Angeles Lakers or an underdog with upside, such as the Orlando Magic, we have it covered.

We can’t promise that every pick we make will be accurate, but the information should always help you make the best bet.

When it comes to game bets, we will give our opinions on what might be the best bet.

We will outline what bet has the best value, between NBA spreads, points total, or just a straight-up pick. On top of that, for every pick we make, our writers will give you their whole thought process, so in the future, you have what it takes to make the right bet.

Instead of just betting on games, BetUS offers many options, and we cover them.

For player props, we keep you updated on what star player is in the middle of a hot streak or what potential back-of-the-bench role player might get a chance to shine.  Additionally, stay tuned for updates on the MVP lines and Rookie of the Year odds to enhance your betting experience!

Furthermore, we keep you informed throughout the offseason, helping you prepare for future bets on NBA title odds.

Our writers follow every draft pick, free agent signing, and significant trade that could affect who wins the NBA Finals. Seasons are won in the offseason, and we will let you know which teams made the best or worst moves.

That goes for future bets on awards, too. We can help you find dark horse candidates for each award in the NBA, from Most Valuable Player to Defensive Player of the Year.

Especially when it comes to Most Improved Player of the Year, there is always a surprise contender we can help predict.

Specialize Your Bets

How is your NBA betting going? Have you made your pick yet?
Some sports fans are die-hard New York Knicks fans waiting for the season to turn.

Others are Phoenix Suns enthusiasts basking in the glory of a sunlit win. Whatever your allegiance, NBA Picks are great fun.

Analyzing the Chessboard of NBA Predictions

From the East where the Milwaukee Bucks reign, to the West where the Golden State Warriors seek to reassert their dominance, every prediction made has to take into account so many different variables.

We all become NBA experts as we watch the season unfold and try to make the right bet.

Bettors choose picks today with the same precision the Memphis Grizzlies display on the court and the same heat the Miami squad brings to every play. But that’s the fun of the game! Jump in the NBA games and hold your breath until the last minute.

As the season unfolds, each game adds one more puzzle piece to the puzzle. It takes effort and concentration to make the best bet, just like the strategy of a chess match.

Each match, from the Denver Nuggets clashing with the Houston Rockets to the Boston Celtics taking on the Brooklyn Nets, adds a little more information on how the story will unfold.

Elevate Your NBA Experience

On BetUS, every prediction is given with the full context of the NBA basketball landscape starting from the hustle of college basketball to the strategy of the NBA in-season tournament. Our free NBA picks aren’t just numbers and names; they’re a view into the game itself which makes sports betting so entertaining.

As you check the betting odds and the latest betting trends, remember that our terms of service are there to ensure a fair game. They keep the sportsbooks in check and make your bets responsible.

Are the Sacramento Kings fighting for relevance? Will the Atlanta Hawks soar to new heights? Watch the games, follow the sports community, and place your bets.

Specialize your bets to make your sport watching even more interesting. You can place bets on a player prop on the Cleveland Cavaliers, a parlay calculator involving the Dallas Mavericks, or even a straight-up bet on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Embracing the Essence of NBA Fandom

Ultimately, it all comes down to the love of the game and watching it with anticipation with your community of sports fans.

Ready for thrilling NBA action? Elevate your game with our expert NBA picks today for the regular season.

Choose your team to win and experience the excitement. Make your NBA picks now with BetUS and turn your passion for basketball into winning bets!

NBA Picks FAQ’s:

  • How does betting on NBA games work?

When betting on NBA games, you mainly have three options. Picking a team straight up, going with a point spread, or taking the over/under on the points total. BetUS offers different odds for each one, and here at the Locker Room, we try to lean you, the bettor, towards the option with the best value and a good chance of hitting.

  • How do NBA betting lines work?

NBA betting lines are the same like other in game betting options, with point spreads, moneyline, and totals. Point spread is based around how much the favorite will win by, moneyline is what team will win the game, and points total is betting on the amount points scored in the game. Each betting line has odds attached to them.

  • Where can I access free NBA expert picks?

Within the Locker Room website, which is connected to the BetUS site, there is a section forced on the NBA. In there, we have picks made by our great writers to help you find value bets, and make choices on what lines to take.