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Brooklyn Nets Stats, Odds, Standings and Schedule for 2023-24 NBA Season

Brooklyn Nets Last Season Performance

To say that the Brooklyn Nets 2022-23 season was difunctional is a massive understatement. In the early parts of the season, the team was making headlines nearly every week.

After only seven games, Steve Nash was fired and replaced by Jacque Vaughn, who got approval from star players Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. However, neither would stay with the team, eventually demanding trades. Irving demanded his trade over a contract dispute, while Durant had wanted out in the previous offseason due to a lack of faith in the owner and front office.

Not to mention Ben Simmons making his return to the court, then looking like a shell of his former All-Star self.

Heading into the 2023-24 season, the Nets had some of the best NBA odds to win the Championship despite the uncertainty of Durant and Irving’s future with the team. Once the two left, Brooklyn’s hopes for a Championship faded.

However, the front office did an excellent job of recouping assets in the trades for their stars. In the Durant deal, the Nets got Mikal Bridges and Cameron Johnson from the Phoenix Suns while acquiring Spencer Dinwiddie and Dorian Finney-Smith from the Dallas Mavericks for Irving.

That was enough to keep the Nets out of the Play-In tournament, finishing as the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. But, the rise of Bridges to averaging 26.1 points per game with the Nets was not enough to save the team from being swept by the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the playoffs.

Brooklyn Nets Key Additions

Most of the improvements that the Nets could make to their roster, they did during their regular season. Acquiring Bridges was by far the most significant move, with him immediately improving in a more prominent offensive role, possibly changing the Nets’ future NBA lines.

However, the biggest offseason move was signing Johnson to a four-year, $108 million extension. The Nets needed to retain him, having been a crucial piece in the Durant deal.

The other additions, outside of the draft, were young depth pieces. They signed Dennis Smith Jr., Lonnie Walker IV, Darius Bazley, and Trendon Watford on cheap deals. It is unclear how much impact any of these signings will make on the regular 2023-24 season, but they improve the team’s depth.

In the draft, despite having traded most of their picks in the 2021 deal for James Harden, which turned into a disaster, the Nets had the 21st and 22nd selections. Brooklyn drafted Noah Clowney and Dariq Whitehead in the first round, then selected Jalen Wilson in the second.

However, both first-round draft picks caused some head-scratching. Clowney seems to be a younger copy of current starting center Nic Claxton, while Whitehead is another 3-and-D player on a roster filled with long, athletic, 3-point shooters. Each seems redundant on this roster.

Brooklyn Nets Key Losses

Again, most of the Nets’ losses were in the regular season, with Durant and Irving traded. However, Brooklyn moved off of bloated contracts they had handed out during the Durant era.

The Nets were able to trade away Joe Harris and Patty Mills, having to add draft picks so other teams would take their contracts. Both moves could be seen as an addition by subtraction.

Seth Curry also left in free agency. His absence will surely be felt, with the Nets no longer having an elite option from behind the 3-point line.

Coach: Jacque Vaughn (43-32)

The interim tag for Vaughn was eventually removed in February after Durant and Irving had already left the team. He made his mark with the two stars on the roster, winning the December Coach of the Month. But what earned him the official head coach title was his success without the stars.

Vaughn succeeded with a new team, helping the Nets remain in the playoff hunt. He seems like the best option to lead this team, which will have to fight in every game.

Brooklyn Nets Strength: Roster Length, Versatility

During the playoffs last season, the Nets featured one of the more interesting starting lineups. Each player was 6-foot 5-inches or above, leading to a switchable defense by the Nets.

The Nets’ switchability on defense was a big reason they stayed in playoff contention. Brooklyn seemed to have doubled down on that in the offseason.

Drafting Clowney, Whitehead, and Wilson support the idea of the Nets wanting to keep length and versatility at the forefront of the team. The only issue in drafting young players to fill those roles is that Finney-Smith and Royce O’Neale are still on the roster, which could stunt the rookies’ development.

On top of that, all of the Nets’ signings are players that can play multiple roles. That might lead to Brooklyn being able to play numerous styles on offense and defense, making them a tough matchup for opponents.

Brooklyn Nets Weakness: No Star Player

Over the last two seasons, the Nets have traded away Durant, Irving, and Harden. That is three perennial All-Stars who just decided they no longer wanted to play with the team.

On the court, it becomes an even bigger issue. Durant or Irving had been there to get buckets whenever the Nets needed some. Bridges did show that he could expand his offensive game in an offense that featured him, but that was only a 27-game sample size and before opposing teams locked in on him.

Someone will need to step up offensively because even though Bridges is the frontrunner to lead the team in scoring, that’s still not certain. However, the positive of having such a versatile roster is that anyone can have a big night. That could help the Nets overall, but in the playoffs or close games, where star power matters the most, they will be at a disadvantage.

Brooklyn Nets Predictions

Even with all that has happened in Brooklyn over the last few years, there is still some hope in NBA predictions. This team can not be compared to how it has looked in recent years, but more so to the Nets of 2018-19.

That year, the Nets had a team that just fit together perfectly. D’Angelo Russell led the team in scoring with 21.1 points per game, while the rest of the roster all played within their role. The Nets finished sixth that year, making the playoffs.

This 2023-24 roster is very similar to that team, with many role players with high upside. Playoffs still seem like a lofty expectation, but it might be possible.

Brooklyn Nets FAQ’S

When was the last time the Brooklyn Nets made the playoffs?

The Brooklyn Nets made the playoffs in 2023, to people’s surprise, given all the changes that the roster went through during the regular season.

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Can the Brooklyn Nets win the NBA Championship in 2023-24?

While the Nets might not be in a complete rebuild, they are far from winning the NBA Championship, without having a top player in the league on the roster

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Why did the Brooklyn Nets fall apart?

The Nets have had really good rosters recently with a lot of star power, but due to injuries, leading to underwhelming seasons. That led to star players wanting to be traded.

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Will Jacque Vaughn survive the 2023-24 season?

After Jacque Vaughn took over for Steve Nash last season, had a lot of success with the Nets, securing his job for the near future.

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