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Dallas Mavericks Last Season Performance

The Dallas Mavericks finished the regular season with a 52-30 record, fourth seed in the Western Conference. They entered the playoffs to face fifth-seed Utah Jazz in the Western Conference First Round; the Mavs defeated the Jazz 4-2 in the series to move to the Conference Semifinals to play versus the first-seed Phoenix Suns. It was the first time the Mavs moved beyond the playoffs’ first round in eleven years.

In the Western Conference Semifinals, the series was tied by Game 6; the Mavs pushed first-seed Phoenix to a decisive Game 7. In Game 7, Dallas dominated Phoenix 123-90, led by Luka Doncic, who delivered a solid display and contributed 35 points to Dallas’ win. The series ended 4-3.

The Mavericks advanced to the Western Conference Finals to meet the Golden State Warriors. The Dubs won the series 4-1, finishing the Mavs in Game 5 with a 120-110 victory that eliminated the Mavs from the NBA Finals.

While Dallas didn’t make it to the finals, they delivered a strong display of elite talent throughout the 2021-22 campaign. The Mavs counted on a robust roster that helped them to reach the league’s highest levels.

First, Luka Doncic led the Mavs throughout the season. Luka finished the season averaging 28.4 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 8.7 assists. Also, he reached a career-high with a 51-point-game against the Clippers. In addition, he made it to the fifth position in the MVP ladder race and made it to his third All-NBA First Team.

Moreover, Jalen Brunson came off the bench, leaving the 6th man position behind, and became a starter for the Mavs. He proved shot creation skills and impressive scoring. In the regular season, Jalen averaged 16.3 ppg, 3.9 rpm, and 4.8 apg. In the playoffs, he improved his numbers by jumping to 21.6 points per game, 4.6 rebounds, and 3.7 assists.

In addition, the Mavs went over lineup changes. They traded Kristaps Porzingis to the Wizards and got Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans at the NBA trade line. Dinwiddie provided the scoring boost the Mavs needed and pushed them to the Western Conference Finals.

Dallas Mavericks Offseason Changes

The Dallas Mavericks’ offseason movements have been in the loop and not-so-well-graded by basketball experts and enthusiasts. After the Mavs’ successful playoffs performance with the defeats over the Utah Jazz and the Phoenix Suns, fans hoped for Dallas to strengthen its roster and get the contender NBA title they proved they could achieve.

So far, the offseason moves look well, but they could be even better. The offseason moves started with the Rockets’ trade, Christian Wood, followed by free agency contracts with former center Suns JaVale McGee, Tyler Hall, and Tyler Dorsey.

Possibly, Dallas expects McGee to become a starter and contribute with shot blocking, rim protection, and rebounding. The center has plenty of playoff experience; he has three NBA championships, two with the 2017 and 2018 Warriors and one with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020. Most likely, McGee will best fit next to Luka Doncic.

Also, the Mavs signed McKinley Wright IV from the Timberwolves and D.J. Stewart from the Spurs.

On the NBA Draft end, Dallas traded their second-round picks in 2024 and 2028 for the Sacramento Kings’ 37th pick, Jaden Hardy. In the 2021-22 season, Hardy took the NBA G-League path; he reached a career-high by scoring 30-points. Coach Kidd will mold Hardy to fit the Mavs’ playing style and culture.

In addition, Dallas added rookies Marcus Bingham Jr. and Mouhamadou Gueye.

Dallas Mavericks Key Additions

The trade of Christian Wood is the boldest off-season movement in the Mavs’ end. The Rockets sent to the Mavs Christian Wood and received No.26 draft pick Wendell Moore, Boban Marjanovic, Sterling Brown, Trey Burke, and Marquese Chriss.

In Wood’s season with Houston, he averaged 17.9 points, 10.1 rebounds, and 2.3 assists. In addition, he has grown 3-point shooting skills and has become a solid player with the potential to work alongside Dallas’ offense.

Dallas Mavericks Key Subtractions

Dallas lost Jalen Brunson in free agency to the New York Knicks. This move outraged fans and experts because the Mavs have failed to find a replacer at Brunson’s level, which implies a setback for Dallas.

Wood and McGee additions are substantial upgrades, but they don’t make up for Brunson’s loss.

Dallas Mavericks Coach Analysis

Jason Kidd is a former NBA superstar, Hall of Famer, and 2011 NBA Champion, who transitioned to a remarkable coach. As a coach, he led the Los Angeles Lakers to win their 2020 NBA title. In 2021, the Dallas Mavericks hired Jason Kidd as their head coach.

During this season, Coach Kidd improved Dallas’ record to 52-30 and helped them to advance to the Western Conference Finals as the fourth seed, a milestone they couldn’t achieve for several years. Also, under Coach Kidd’s hat, the Mavs made it to the top five NBA defensive teams.

Luckily for Dallas, Coach Kidd will continue training the team. While he is not a fan of the COTY Award, the sportsbook has Kidd at +900 to win it.

Dallas Mavericks Betting Prediction for the 2022-23 Season

The sportsbook has Dallas at +2200 to win the NBA Championship and +1100 to win the Western Conference.

The Mavericks count on Luka Doncic, but he can’t carry the whole weight for an entire season and the playoffs. Also, how will Dallas perform without Jalen Brunson? Too soon to tell, but it is a concern that bettors should keep an eye on.

Dallas’ success depends on how well and fast the new additions can develop and adapt to the Mav’s core. The Mavericks will have a slow start and catch up later in the season. Will they make it to the playoffs? Then again, too soon to tell.

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Dallas Mavericks FAQs

How many championships do the Dallas Mavericks have?

Dallas has won only one NBA Championship. The Mavs defeated 4-2 in the series versus the Miami Heat. German Dirk Nowitzki delivered a strong performance throughout the series; he won the Finals MVP Award.

How many playoff wins do the Mavericks have?

The Mavs have made the playoffs on 22 occasions in their 40 seasons. They won three division titles, two times Western Conference titles, and one time NBA Champions.

Who are the Dallas Mavericks' rivals?

Dallas’ rivals are the San Antonio Spurs; both teams belong to the same division and state. The Spurs have won four championships and the Mavs one which of course, ignites the rivalry.

Will Luka Doncic win the 2023 MVP Award?

In recent years, Luka Doncic has been a heavy favorite to win the MVP award. Doncic has the potential to win MVP; however, to do so, the Mavs need to have an excellent record and a top seed in the Western Conference standings.

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