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Pistons Clinch Worst Record In Franchise History

67!!! It has been a nightmare season for the Detroit Pistons. Nothing has gone right at all. They set an NBA record with a 28-game losing streak earlier in the season and have now set another record... Read Now

Detroit Pistons Odds, Calendar, Stats, Injuries 2023-24 NBA Season

Detroit Pistons Last Season Performance

The wheels on the Detroit Pistons season fell off quickly last season. While NBA odds did not favor the Pistons to do much in 2022-23, with a win total set at 29.5, an injury to Cade Cunningham 12 games into the season put that far out of reach.

There was at least some hope that the Pistons would start trending in the right direction. Cunningham was coming off an impressive rookie campaign. Detroit acquired Bojan Bogdanović, and used its fifth overall pick to select Jaden Ivey. Re-signing Marvin Bagley III and acquiring James Wiseman during the 2022-23 regular season brought some young talent with high upsider.

However, the Pistons ended up with the worst record in the league, and Dwane Casey was out of the job. NBA betting often picked against them, finishing with a 17-65 record.

Offseason Changes

Key Additions

After having the worst record in the league, the Pistons were trying to add talent this offseason to at least change their NBA lines a little. While Detroit did not dip its toe into the free agency market, it did acquire solid veterans through trade.

Even though the Pistons have ball-handling guards, they don’t have a true playmaking point guard, and all it took was a second-round pick to add one in Monte Morris. He can be a veteran presence on a team that lacks leadership for the guards. Something else the Pistons needed to add this offseason was shooting, and a salary dump move by the Brooklyn Nets brought Joe Harris to Detroit.

The draft was where the Pistons could make their most significant improvements to the roster. With the fifth overall pick, they selected Ausar Thompson, a long, athletic, playmaking wing that should fit right in. They also selected Marcus Sasser with the 25th pick to potentially be a scorer off the bench.

Key Losses

Having less than 20 wins last season does not excite other teams to come and sign your players when they become free agents. This happened with the Pistons, who have allowed players to walk due to them adding better options.

Cory Joseph is the most impactful player to have left this offseason, playing 62 games and averaging 19.8 minutes. He has signed with the Golden State Warriors. Of the other free agents that left this offseason, only Eugene Omoruyi signed with another team quickly.

Coach: Monty Williams

After four seasons with the Phoenix Suns, in which Monty Williams played a massive role in changing that team’s culture, they let him go. He found another job quickly, joining the Pistons for the next six years, paying $78.5 million, making him the highest-paid head coach at the time.

The Pistons are giving Williams the time to turn around the franchise like he did with the Suns. Williams is a good coach, but it will take some time for him to change things in Detroit.

Detroit Pistons Strength: Youthfulness

At the moment, the Pistons don’t have much going for them. They lack overall talent, and having the worst record in the league only to end up with the fifth pick in the draft did not help. However, the one thing Detroit has going for them is that the team is filled with young talent.

Before Cunningham was injured, he was looking like the real deal. He averaged 19.9 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 6 assists through his 12 games. While missing most of last season might have hindered his development, Cunningham proved he was worth being selected first overall in the 2021 draft.

Not having Cunningham might have slowed his development, but it likely helped in Ivey’s. It put the ball in his hands more, which would not have happened if Cunningham was healthy. Ivey didn’t dominate immediately, due to him being a rookie, but played well at the end of the season, averaging 16.3 points and 5.2 assists. Then throw in Thompson, who looked good in the Summer League as a defender and slasher, leading to the Pistons having a nice young core.

On top of that, Detroit has a bunch of young, talented bigs on the roster. Between Bagley, Wiseman, Isaiah Stewart, and Jalen Duren, the Pistons have many different options to choose from for the starting center position.

Detroit Pistons Weakness: No Real Identity

The problem for the Pistons is that they have a lot of young talent, with many stepping on each other’s toes for minutes.

The most prominent example of that is the bigs on the roster. While all of them can do different things, none are solid three-point shooters. That means to get players the necessary minutes, two centers will need to be on the court most of the time, which is hard to do in the modern NBA.

That then leads to another problem for the Pistons. Neither of their last three top picks (Cunningham, Ivey, and Thompson) are decent shooters. Their offensive game is built around them driving into the paint to create shots for themselves or others. With the potential of two centers on the court, the paint will usually be packed.

Detroit Pistons Predictions

Now that Williams is at the helm of the Pistons, there is a good chance the team eventually starts trending in the right direction. However, the roster that he has does not instill a lot of faith. That helps make NBA predictions easy, with the Pistons continuing to struggle despite the young talent.

Detroit Pistons FAQ’s

Will Monty Williams change the Detroit Pistons?

The Detroit Pistons last made the playoffs in 2019, when they lost the Eastern Conference First Round. They’ve been in the playoffs a total of 40 times in their 73 seasons.

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When did the Detroit Pistons last make the playoffs?

The sportsbook has the Pistons as one of the least favorites to win their conference at +50000 odds. Even if Detroit is looking better compared to last season and have much better chances to make it to the playoffs, they will have to pull-off a massive upset to win the Eastern Conference. In 2008, the Detroit Pistons beat the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

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Will the Detroit Pistons make the Play-In Tournament this season?

Even though they haven’t been a hot team in awhile now, the Detroit Pistons won the NBA Finals 3 times, in 1989, 1990 and 2004. In their full franchise history, they’ve appeared in 7 NBA Finals.

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