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Los Angeles Cipperls Stats, Odds, Standings and Schedule for 2023-24 NBA Season

Los Angeles Clippers Last Season Performance

Once again, the Los Angeles Clippers season was a rollercoaster ride for 82 games, where injuries derailed the team in the playoffs. At the start of the 2022-23 season, the Clippers had decent NBA odds to win the Finals at +700.

Most of that was because Kawhi Leonard was thought to be healthy, Paul George was coming off a great season, and it seemed like the Clippers fixed their points guard issues by signing John Wall. Instead, Leonard did not start playing well till January while dealing with injuries and Wall wasn’t even close to the player that the Clippers needed him to be, eventually being traded.

The one saving grace for the Clippers’ NBA lines was that George did have a solid season. On top of that, Los Angeles had a great trade deadline, remaking the team’s depth and signing Russell Westbrook after he was bought out. However, with the playoffs approaching, George hurt his leg and was out for the rest of the season.

Despite all that, the Clippers still managed to be the fifth seed in the Western Conference. NBA betting was not backing them, having to face the Phoenix Suns. Leonard had a great first and second game but suffered an injury, ending his season, and the Clippers lost in the First Round in five games.

Offseason Changes
Key Additions

Most of the key additions the Clippers made happened at last season’s trade deadline, which helped the team’s NBA Finals odds pick up. Los Angeles traded for Mason Plumlee and signed Westbrook. Both players were free agents after the season but re-signed with the Clippers. They didn’t make any other moves in free agency.

The Clippers did make an offseason trade for K.J. Martin, acquiring him from the Houston Rockets. Martin could round out the bench, with his athleticism potentially turning into a solid defender, but he needs to improve offensively.

In the draft, the Clippers selected Kobe Brown with the last pick in the first round, then Jordan Miller in the second. It is hard to say how much playing time they will get with the Clippers in a position to win now.

Key Losses

The Clippers roster did not see many players leave. Eric Gordon, who signed with the Suns in free agency, was the only notable name to leave this offseason. However, he was traded at the deadline, only playing 22 games during the regular season in Los Angeles.

Another name that left the team was Xavier Moon, appearing in only four games.

Coach: Tyronn Lue (44-38)

Tyronn Lue is well known throughout the NBA as one of the top head coaches. While he has not won an NBA Championship with the Clippers yet, it can’t be entirely blamed on him. Lue is placed in a difficult situation every season, dealing with injuries and “load managing.”

Despite all the lineup uncertainty, Lue always has his team ready to compete. His ability to coach has helped Westbrook semi-rejuvenate his career with the Clippers, while Terance Mann has blossomed into a fine role player.

Los Angeles Clippers Strength: Extreme Upside

There is a reason why, at the start of the season, people begin adding the Clippers to NBA picks. Much of the hype around the team always seems to circle around if Leonard and George can be healthy for the playoffs. Every season or playoffs, one, if not both, of the Clippers’ star players are injured, derailing everything.

Theoretically, the drop-off in talent should not be that much in 2023-24. While Leonard, healthy, has MVP-level talent, and George is a perfect second option, the addition of Westbrook changes a lot. That is a third player who has shown the ability to take over games and has All-Star-level talent.

On top of that, the roster’s depth is very solid, helped out by Lue’s coaching. Mann is an up-and-coming two-way player, while Norman Powell is a reliable scorer in the league. Ivica Zubac has consistently done his job as the starting center, with Bones Hyland and Martin being young players with upside.

All that put together makes the Clippers have legit NBA title odds because if all goes right, they have a really good team.

Los Angeles Clippers Weakness: Injuries

Nothing ever goes right for this team. The Clippers have just hit a wall they can’t get past, primarily due to health.

Leonard and George have yet to play in a season for the Clippers where they have played more than 60 games. Furthermore, the injuries tend to happen late in the season or the playoffs, ruining the teams’ chances at the Finals. Even during the regular season, if the two stars are not injured, they might be taking off games to manage their injuries for fear of getting hurt.

With Westbrook on the team, the hope is that he can take over games when the stars are injured. However, how far the Clippers get in the playoffs depends solely on Leonard and George’s health.

Los Angeles Clippers Predictions

Once again, there are some high expectations heading into the 2023-24 season to compete for the NBA Finals. However, NBA predictions might have caught on, not giving them great championship odds. Leonard will again start the season injured after getting hurt in the playoffs.

The playoffs remain a real possibility for the Clippers, still with a talented team, but health has become such an issue that anything beyond that seems impossible.

Los Angeles Cipperls TEAM FAQ’s

Can the Los Angeles Clippers win the 2023-24 NBA Finals?

With how injury-prone the stars of the Los Angeles Clippers are, it does not seem like they have a chance at the NBA Finals in 2023-24

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Will the Los Angeles Clippers make the playoffs?

Despite the injuries, the Los Angeles Clippers have always managed to remain competitive and will be able to do so again in 2023-24, with a good chance of making the playoffs.

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When will the Los Angeles Clippers move to their new stadium?

The Los Angeles Clippers currently share a stadium with the Lakers. The Clippers are building one for themselves, expected to be completed in 2024.

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Can Russell Westbrook lead the Los Angeles Clippers?

After spending most of last season with the Lakers, when Russell Westbrook joined the Los Angeles Clippers, he immediately made an impact. He re-signed with the Clippers in the offseason, staying with his hometown team, and should play well.

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