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Toronto Raptors Last Season Performance

The regular season started with some concern for the Toronto Raptors, but towards the end of December, the Raptors began playing highly competitive basketball.

The Toronto Raptors counted on a young roster that delivered solid displays and consistent growth throughout the regular season. Coach Nick Nurse was vocal about the team’s primary goals – rebuilding the roster and gaining playoff experience – From that lens, the Raptors accomplished their objectives.

Toronto came from an ineffective season in 2020-21; they closed it with a 27-45 record and finished 12th in the Eastern Conference. However, in the last season, they changed their game; unsurprisingly, no one saw it coming. The Raptors closed with a 48-win record and finished 5th in their conference.

On the defensive end, they played statistically solid defense, but it wasn’t that good all the way. Their defensive rebounding became an issue.

In regards to Toronto’s roster, there’s a bright future ahead of them. Most of their players don’t exceed six years in the Association but have displayed consistency and growth throughout the games.

Fred VanVleet made it to the All-Star Team, and OG Anunoby reached a career-high with 36 points and four 3-pointers. Siakam made it to the All-NBA Third Team.

Scottie Barnes is the newest addition to the Raptors and proved to be a revelation for the team and part of their success. We saw a new player on his way to becoming an elite player. His superb skills earned him the 2021-22 Rookie of the Year award.

The Raptors lacked media recognition, but undoubtedly, they were the one NBA team that exceeded expectations by displaying unmatched improvement.

Toronto Raptors Off-Season Changes

The Raptors’ primary focus is to build a solidified team and an elite playoffs contender. Furthermore, we should not expect significant changes in their main lineup but a continuous development of their leading players.

Fred VanVleet, Gary Trent Jr., OG Anunoby, Scottie Barnes, and Pascal Siakam are under contract for the upcoming season. Also, the emerging players Barnes, Anunoby, and big man Precious Achiuwa are on the right track but have yet to reach their career peak; they will most likely be on the coaching staff’s eye to assess their permanence in the core’s franchise.

Toronto Raptors Key Additions

One fundamental addition to their roster is former Warriors forward Otto Porter Jr., who signed a two-year contract with the Raptors in July. Porter Jr. played for only one season for the Warriors, but it was fruitful.

In the postseason, he delivered a strong performance; The Warriors went down 2-1 against the Celtics in the NBA Finals, but once Coach Kerr added Porter Jr. to start the three final games, they won the matchups and took their fourth title home.

The Warriors qualified him as the best mid-range shooter on the team and a versatile player that fits both the offensive and defensive systems. However, he has struggled with injuries. We hope for the Raptors he has a healthier season.

Moreover, they resigned Chris Boucher and Thaddeus Young. Also, they added Christian Koloko as the 33rd overall pick in the second round; he played in five of the Raps’ Summer League games and flashed potential in the defensive end.

Toronto Raptors Key Subtractions

On the substractions end, the Raptors did not make any flashy moves or significant losses. They waived Svi-Mykhailiuk and Armani Brooks.

Toronto Raptors Head Coach Analysis

The Raps have shown tremendous improvement under Coach Nurse’s tutelage; For starters, in the 2018-2019 season, Toronto won its first NBA title in franchise history guided by Nurse.

Last season, the Raptors continued displaying remarkable refinement: Nurse improved Toronto’s record by 21 games; they finished 10th-best defense in the league, and the Raps’ rookie won the ROY, among other achievements.

Basketball enthusiasts and experts often praise Coach Nurse’s flexible and creative approach to coaching and his ability to make players grow. Yes, the Raps were far from making history last season, but a unique development was tangible throughout the games.

The most impressive achievement in the 2021-22 season under Coach Nurse’s guidance was that the Raptors won more games than expected. Then again, a triumph ofter overlooked.

Toronto Raptors Betting Prediction for the 2022-23 Season

The Sportbook has the Raptors at +5000 odds to win the 2023 NBA Championship and at +2000 to win the Eastern Conference; there is a long shot for Toronto, of course. Nonetheless, let’s point out that the Raptors defied the odds and finished 5th in their conference.

The Raptors are still under Nick Nurse’s direction, and their roster improved. Also, they gained playoff experience last season. While their chances of winning the conference and championship are low, bettors can expect solid performances when betting on regular season games. Also, prop picks might be a great option to bet on Nurse’s guys.As for the 2023 Most Improved Player award, OG Anunoby is at +3000, and Coach Nurse is at +1800 to win the Coach of the Year award. The 12th best overall.

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Toronto Raptor FAQs

When was the last chance the Toronto Raptors made the playoffs?

The Raps last made it to the playoffs in 2022. They lost to the Sixers in the Eastern Conference First Round.

Do the Toronto Raptors have a chance of winning the Eastern Conference title?

The sportsbook has the Raps as the sixth favorite to win their conference at +2000 odds. Most likely, they will make it to the playoffs but have a long shot of winning the Eastern Conference. Fun fact, Toronto earned its first conference title in 2019.

Have the Toronto Raptors won an NBA championship?

The Toronto Raptors won their first championship in 2019, the same year they won their conference title. The Raps defeated the Golden State Warriors 114-110 in Game 6.

Why Are the Toronto Raptors part of the NBA?

The Toronto Raptors are a Canadian basketball team that officially joined the NBA in 1995 due to a league expansion after two years of intense negotiations. The Association’s main interest in the Raptors was their rich basketball history and proximity to the United States.

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