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The stage is officially set to sort out which two teams will go to battle at Super Bowl LVII on Feb 12th. After another thrilling weekend of postseason football, the Cincinnati Bengals, Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers, stamped their tickets to their respective conference title games, with all eyes set on which two squads will live to duke it out for the Lombardy Trophy.

All the action will unfold on Sunday, as first Brock Purdy and the 49ers will make the trip to the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, where Jalen Hurts and the Eagles will be waiting.

After routing the Giants and Cowboys respectively in their divisional round games, the Eagles and 49ers will be looking to put on what promises to be an epic show between one of the game’s best offenses, Philadelphia’s, and the league’s best defense, San Francisco’s.

Meanwhile, at night, in a new edition of the budding “Mahomes vs Burrow” the Kansas City Chiefs will play host to the Cincinnati Bengals, who led by star QB Joe Burrow left the Buffalo Bills sitting, waiting and wishing for a chance to make true on their season Super Bowl favoritism hype.

With everything ready for what promises to be two thrilling, action-packed conference title games, who will end up advancing to Super Bowl?

NFL Conference Championship Games Preview

You know the saying “there’s no better time than right now”? Well, that’s exactly the feeling around the NFL, as the race toward Super Bowl LVII has officially narrowed down to four final teams, who will be facing off in their respective conference finals this coming weekend.

After putting on some stellar performances in their divisional round bouts, the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers in the NFC, and the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC will be duking it out to be each conference’s representative in this season’s Super Bowl.

We know you are as eager as we are to see the action unfold, so while we wait, let’s break down how both games could pan out.

NFL Conference Championship Games

  • San Francisco 49ers


    Philadelphia Eagles (-2½)

    Sunday, January 29th

    This is the game we’ve all been wanting to see all season long. Now, as the two best teams in the NFC get ready to square off for a chance to be in the Super Bowl, the stage is set for what promises to be an epic showdown between two of the most dominant and electrifying squads in the league.

    On the one hand, you have the Eagles. Philadelphia finished their season just as they started, dispatching opponents left and right, all while keeping hold of their conference’s No.1 seed. Yes, they had a couple of moments where the team didn’t look as sharp, but in general, we’re talking about a squad with one of the best offenses in the league, and the best secondary and offensive line in the game this season.

    With Jalen Hurts back and ready to continue guiding the Eagles on their road to the Super Bowl, you can tell how much this team automatically increases in talent and poise when he is on the field. Having receivers like A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith as his preferred weapons in the air, and manning Philadelphia’s rushing attack alongside Miles Sanders, Hurts has become the kind of game-changing player that the Eagles had been longing to have on offense for some time now.

    The question here is, how will he fare and the rest of Philadelphia’s offense fare against the best defense in the league, you know, San Francisco’s?

    While we could talk for hours about Brock Purdy and ‘Frisco’s overly stacked and talented offense, it’s their defense that takes the cake as the engine that runs the ship. San Francisco is the kind of team that will attack you from every corner of the field and will not let you rest or breathe without making you regret even taking a second to think about your plays.

    Led by Nick Bosa, San Francisco’s elite frontal defense is the kind of line that no offensive line wants to face. But then again, they haven’t faced an O-line as elite as Philadelphia’s.

    This game will clearly be won by whoever strikes first and most smartly. Control of the game clock will be essential and the protection of each QB, as well as playing a strong coverage game down the field will be two pivotal points for whichever team comes out on top.

  • Cincinnati Bengals


    Kansas City Chiefs

    Sunday, January 29th

    Joe Burrow vs Patrick Mahomes. Do we need to say anything more? This right here is the kind of rivalry all football fans always long to have. In Burrow and Mahomes we have two of the best, smartest, and shiftiest QBs in the league. While they are surrounded by some stellar talents in other positions, at the end of the game, we all know that it’s all about them and what they can do on the field to push their respective teams to a win.

    Now, to win, each team will have to pay very special attention to a few, but very important details. Let’s take Cincinnati for example. We all know Burrow can ball like a superstar, and he’s the kind of player who thrives in game situations where he is put against the ropes. With players like Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Joe Mixon helping out on offense, this is a unit that can score points like it’s nobody’s business.

    While this all sounds great, there’s that glaring point of inflection that continues to be Cincinnati’s weakest link, their offensive line. Burrow needs to get better protection if the Bengals wish to beat the Chiefs. It’s as simple as that.

    If the Bengals can offer Burrow enough time to think and move around his pocket, great football is guaranteed. If you don’t believe us, just compare what Burrow has been able to do thus far, and now imagine all that but with a strong offensive line. Yes, we know, the Bengals would be unstoppable.

    For Kansas City, on the other hand, their main focus should be on opening up their offense more. We all know that Mahomes loves his Travis Kelce connection as much as he loves his family, but so does Cincinnati.

    By adjusting their offense to have more options, especially deep, down the field, the Chiefs could end up surprising Cincinnati’s secondary and blowing them out of the field.

    In a game where Mahomes’ legacy could be put to question if the Chiefs lose, will Burrow and the Bengals be able to repeat as Conference Champions and move on to their second Super Bowl appearance in as many years?

NFL Conference Championship News

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NFL Conference Championship Weekend FAQ’s

Which teams have the home advantage heading into NFL Championship Games Weekend?

Kansas City Chiefs

Philadelphia Eagles

Which teams are being considered for Super Bowl Champions heading into NFL Championship Games Weekend?

Philadelphia Eagles -140
Kansas City Chiefs +105

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