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NFL Injuries

When it comes to handicapping NFL odds, no single factor influences the odds as much as injuries. Before making your bets, always check our latest player updates. Knowing who’s on the field and who’s on the bench makes the difference between winning and losing.

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Madden has a neat little feature allowing you to turn off all injuries. Now, wake up to the real NFL, where injuries continue to be a vital part of the game. Last year’s Super Bowl betting outcome was decided in no small part due to the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive line being decimated by injuries. 

No, we can’t predict when and where injuries will occur. But we can keep you updated on them and evaluate how they will affect the NFL betting odds and outcome of games, per how it relates to the

Injuries occur in the NFL or in any sports league pretty frequently. Injuries occurred at a record rate in 2020. The league reported 801 injuries last season alone, increasing by more than 20 percent from 2019 and eclipsing the previous record from 2015.

A lot of these were related to the COVID-19 pandemic and poor turf. But since 2015, there have been over 700 reported injuries every season. That amounts to about one injury per game for the preseason, regular season and playoffs.

Most star players, like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, have stayed healthy. Teams manage to get over injuries for the most part. It impacts the game, but succeeding in spite of it is part of why we all love this sport.

That’s why it’s best to stay locked in on the NFL injury news along with our expert NFL betting picks and news to learn how injuries could affect the odds. We can expect 2021 to be filled with injuries, but we can still enjoy a profitable season of football.

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