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Colts vs Raiders Prediction, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

The Indianapolis Colts fired their head coach and brought in Jeff Saturday to lead the team. He has no coaching experience of any kind, so it’s an odd decision. Those who bet online are trying to gauge how this team will react.

The Las Vegas Raiders appear to have one of the worst head coaches in the NFL and might be considering firing him at some point too if the team’s shaky performance continues.

Colts vs Raiders Prediction, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks
Colts vs Raiders Prediction, Game Preview, Live Stream, Odds & Picks

Teams going through miserable times meet in a game which contains a lot of urgency and desperation. Let’s see which is the best bet versus the NFL betting odds.

Let’s check the latest NFL odds, stats, injury reports, and NFL lines for Colts vs Raiders. We’ve plenty of Vegas NFL odds and NFL week 10 picks for you to consider.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts were awful against the New England Patriots this past week, losing 26-3 in a game, which was never competitive. The Colts were pathetic on offense, mustering just 121 total yards.

They ran for 78 yards and passed for 103 yards but lost 60 of those yards on a whopping nine sacks. Quarterback Sam Ehlinger never had a chance with a Swiss cheese offensive line in front of him.

The Colts had such a good offensive line last year but it has regressed profoundly this season.

The whole reason the Colts were a possible Super Bowl pick before the season was that Matt Ryan would have a strong offensive line in front of him.

It was apparent in Week 1 that the offensive line was nothing like the 2021 group. The idea to switch to Sam Ehlinger has not worked. Even though he’s more mobile, he has not been able to do anything better than Ryan.

The Colts fired coach Frank Reich after the game and replaced him with former Colt player Jeff Saturday, who has never been a head coach or coordinator in the NFL before.

Many people were stunned by this move, and it raises questions about the Colts’ readiness for this game.

Las Vegas Raiders

While the Colts almost got shut out and managed only 121 total yards, the Raiders picked a different but equally humiliating way to lose: they blew a 17-0 lead and fell to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

It’s hard to say which part stings the most. The Jags had lost five straight before that and the Raiders had blown many big leads before that too. They had made it their focus not to do it anymore.

The Raiders are now 2-6 and it’s clear McDaniels has not made this team or offense better – at least yet. The other losses were bad but this one would be inexcusable.

Colts vs Raiders Injury Report

Colts vs Raiders Head-to-Head

The teams met last year. The Raiders won 23-20 in a game which caused the Colts to eventually miss the playoffs while the Raiders got in.

Colts vs Raiders Game Information

  • Game: Colts vs Raiders
  • Date: November 13, 2022
  • Time: 4:05 p.m. ET
  • Location: Allegiant Stadium
  • How to watch Colts vs Raiders? ESPN
    Colts vs Raiders Live stream: NFL Game Pass

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Colts vs Raiders Betting Lines

Colts vs Raiders Picks & Prediction

The Raiders are a mess but they are still a hundred times less dysfunctional than the Colts are right now. Jeff Saturday is not ready to be a head coach – especially mid-week.

The Raiders should build a lead again and this time hold it. If you’re betting this in the sportsbook, take the Raiders minus the points with your NFL picks.

The Las Vegas Raiders are listed at -240 in our Vegas NFL lines. This means that if you wager $100 on the Raiders, you have a chance to win $42. The Indianapolis Colts are +200, offering a chance to win $200 on a $100 wager.

The implied probability attached to the betting lines gives the Las Vegas Raiders a 70.59% chance to win, with the Indianapolis Colts at 33.33%.

The odds and predictions in the article are based on the time of writing and publication. They may differ as to when the actual event takes place.

Colts vs Raiders Edge

Colts vs Raiders Results

Colts vs Raiders Game Scorebox

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