NFL Week 18 Game Previews, Odds, Picks & Predictions

It’s the last week of the season, it’s go time for all teams looking to make one final push into the postseason. There’s no turning back now, as there are no more games to be played in the season. With the action centered around divisional matchups everywhere, here are our picks for the games that deserve to keep a close eye on.

Over on the AFC North, the Ravens will be visiting the Bengals for one last shot at either the divisional crown or a wildcard spot. Staying up north but in the NFC conference, the Detroit Lions who usually play their best football when facing the Packers will have their last game of the season at Lambeau where an upset could always be around the corner.

As the action winds down in the NFC, the Cowboys will have one last test on the road when they face the Commanders in the nation’s capital, all while the Cardinals and 49ers will be fighting it out in San Francisco for the 2nd place of the division as well as the highest seeding when it comes to wildcard standings.

Now, if ending the season out with a true bang is what NFL wants then not missing a beat of the action in the AFC West is a definite must as the Chargers will visit the Broncos and the Chiefs will head to Vegas for their season-ending matchup against the Raiders. With all four teams having real chances to make it to the playoffs, the action unfolding in Colorado and Las Vegas will surely make for the best action to close out the 2022 season as we head into the playoffs.

NFL Week 18 Schedule

NFL Week 18 Matchups

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