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2023 NFL Mock Draft

The NFL draft is nearing and with it comes the chance for us here at BetUS to put on our imaginary GM hats and start dishing out our picks for which college star each team should be thinking about snagging up. In our special mock draft setup, we’ll run through what each team from every NFL division needs, what they want, and what they should focus their attention on getting if winning next season is the goal.

From here until the 2023 NFL draft, leave it to us to break down all the what’s, when’s, where’s, who’s and how’s of what will go down on April 15th when some of the top college football talents make their way into the most exciting football league in the world.

Hype and Analysis: The 2023 NFL Mock Draft Projections and Top Prospects

If you’re looking for the latest information about the 2023 NFL Mock Draft, you are in the right place!

We’ll be updating our mock draft regularly with the latest news and rumors about which players are rising and falling on draft boards. Whether you’re a diehard NFL fan or a casual observer, the 2023 NFL Mock Draft is sure to be an exciting event, and we’re here to help you stay informed every step of the way.

AFC Division

AFC East

With 2023 looking like a year in which thrills and intensity will run the AFC East division, who should the Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots pick in the draft to try and keep the Bills from once again being divisional leaders? Let’s get to talking about who needs what in…

AFC North

In one of the most hard-fought divisions in football, let’s break down with our own tailor-made NFL mock drafts what the Bengals, Browns, Ravens, and Steelers will have to put on their shopping list to stand victorious in the AFC North division this coming season.

AFC South

With Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars looking to run it back as divisional champions, keep up with our expert NFL mock drafts to see who the Colts, Texans, and Titans as well as the Jags will be targeting to bring into their squads for the upcoming 2023 season.

AFC West

With the Chiefs coming into the 2023 season as the reigning Super Bowl champions, the race in the AFC West division to trump KC will heat up from the get-go. So who should focus on landing in this year’s draft if they wish to dethrone the Chiefs?

NFC Division

NFC East

Playing catchup to the Eagles is the name of the game, but to do so, the Commanders, Cowboys, and Giants will all have to hit the 2023 NFL draft hard to make sure they get the best picks to further broaden their rosters. So who are they picking? Jump into our NFL mock draft and find out which top college football star might be heading.

NFC North

Will Rodgers go or stay? Are the Lions actually for real or is it just a phase? Will Cousins actually develop into the QB the Vikings need? And how about those Bears and their No.1 pick? If you think you know what the teams from the NFC North division need in this year’s NFL draft, come on in and join the conversation.

NFC South

Tom Brady is gone, which means that the action in the NFC South is about to heat up much more in 2023. With the Buccaneers, Falcons, Panthers, and Saints all looking to start the 2023 season on the right foot by picking up some of college football’s brightest talents, which players will fit best in each team’s schemes?

NFC West

The Seahawks, Rams, and Cardinals would love nothing more than to give the 49ers a true run for the NFC West divisional title. With all four teams looking to either fill some gaps in their rosters or further strengthen their depth, which NCAA Football stars should all four teams be looking to pick in the 2023 NFL draft?

2023 NFL Mock Draft FAQ’s

How does the NFL Mock Draft work?

The NFL Mock Draft is a simulation where analysts predict which players each team will select in the upcoming NFL Draft based on team needs and player rankings.

What is the NFL's draft order?

The NFL draft order is determined by the previous year’s regular season record, with the team with the worst record picking first and the Super Bowl champion picking last. In the event of ties, the strength of schedule is used as a tiebreaker. Additionally, teams can trade draft picks, which can affect the draft order. The order is divided into seven rounds, with each team having one pick per round. The first round is particularly important, as it typically features the most talented and sought-after players, and teams may trade up to acquire a higher pick if they believe a player they want will be selected before their original pick.

What does Mock Draft mean?

In the context of the NFL draft, a mock draft is a simulation in which analysts and fans attempt to predict which players each team will select in the upcoming draft. Mock drafts are based on a combination of factors, including team needs, player rankings, and rumors about team interests. While mock drafts are not always accurate, they can provide valuable insights into the draft process and help fans and analysts better understand the strengths and weaknesses of different players. Additionally, mock drafts can be a fun way for fans to engage with the NFL draft and speculate about which players will be the stars of the future.

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