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NFC West Mock Draft

NFC West Mock Draft Betting Analysis

If you’re a true football fan, then you can agree with us that the West division in the NFL is the most entertaining and competitive to watch in the NFC. Hosting four teams about explosiveness on both sides of the ball and having some of the top coaches in the league leading the way, there’s no way to go wrong.

After a 2022 season that saw unpredictability become the main ingredient in the division, all four squads will be looking to hit the ground running now in 2023, and landing a strong class in the upcoming NFL draft will be essential. 

Is This the Most Intriguing Division in Football? Yes, Yes It Is!

Why intriguing? Because if we look at how the action unfolded last season in the NFC West division, many things made little to no sense whatsoever.

Take the Rams basically not remembering how to play football, even after entering the season as the defending Super Bowl champions. Not enough? How about Seattle becoming one of the most entertaining squads in the sport, all while having everyone believe they would tank?

And what about the Niners? They were a couple of downs away from playing one of their stadium’s hot dog vendors at QB and still managed to make it to the NFC Championship game.

Are we forgetting the Cardinals? No, Arizona just did their regular Arizona thing. They got caught up in the hype, imploded, and are now looking for a new start.

With the 2023 NFL draft coming our way, it will be on all four teams to start looking at addressing all of their impending needs if they wish to come out as divisional champions once the season comes to an end. Easily put, whoever wants the title the most will need to start collecting W’s from draft day onwards.

Seattle Seahawks Mock Draft

Be it that the Seattle Seahawks decide to ride once again with Geno Smith or decide to bring in a new QB, be it via the 2023 NFL draft or the free agency market, there is one thing that has become abundantly clear. This team needs to address their offensive line once again needs before anything else.

For Seattle, who is coming off a season where almost nobody expected them to perform in the way they did, this season’s NFL draft needs to work as the perfect platform to start rebuilding and strengthening their trenches, both on offense as well as defense.

Bringing in at least two viable options at interior offensive lineman, as well as center, and finding a couple of good defensive tackle and edge rushing prospects should be high up in Seattle’s draft needs.

Unless they do decide to take a wild swing for the fences and look for the best available QB on the board with their first pick, focusing on bringing firepower to their offensive line and frontal defense should be the way to go.

But who do you think could be the best fit for a Seahawks team ready to run it back once again in 2023?

Arizona Cardinals Mock Draft

Long gone are the days of Kliff Kingsbury as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, and no, that is not a dig. Kingsbury is a very good coach, one of the best young, offensive-minded skippers in the league, but maybe taking the Cardinals to the next step wasn’t in the books for him.

With a new head coach and Arizona doubling down on their bet to see QB Kyler Murray have a proverbial bounce-back year, the team’s strategy in the upcoming NFL draft will center around two very specific points.

On the one hand, holding the 3rd pick of the 2023 NFL draft, the Cardinals could either go through with said pick, thus picking up their new franchise edge rusher for the future. On the other hand though, trading down in the first round, thus acquiring a bounty of picks in exchange from a team in need of that 3rd spot could also come in very handy.

With needs in other parts of the defense, such as defensive lineman and cornerback, and with a very present necessity to spruce up their offensive line as well as running back and wide receiver core, Arizona’s shopping list for this upcoming draft is ample, especially with eight picks that could turn into more if they decide to trade down from the 3rd spot.

San Francisco 49ers Mock Draft

Are we ready to call the upcoming NFL season a “must-win” year for the San Francisco 49ers or is it still a little bit early? After putting up one of the most entertaining seasons in some time, the Niners will be looking to strike again in 2023, but this time making it to the Super Bowl, and who knows, maybe even win it.

With a winning mindset in full mode, San Francisco will be looking to address a few depth issues within its roster once the 2023 NFL draft comes around. For example, addressing the need to find a new, plug-in, ready-to-play center is of the utmost importance, especially considering how fragile ‘Frisco’s QBs can be.

Staying with the passer position, the Niners will have to think well about the idea of finding a QB prospect to work with. Yes, the chances of landing a Brock Purdy prospect once again might be one in a million, but if they did it once, who says they can’t do it again?

Besides that, targeting a couple of solid prospects for their secondary, where the safety and cornerback positions need a little help buffing up, as well as a couple of rookie defensive linemen to add more punch power to an already elite defense will be up in San Francisco’s NFL draft strategy.

Los Angeles Rams Mock Draft

Durability and explosiveness. Those are two factors that all teams, including the LA Rams, always strive to get from the players on their roster. For LA though, being able to find and maintain said factors within their existing roster has become more of a peril than anything else.

With this upcoming season’s NFL draft coming our way, the Rams will be looking to make the most out of the 10 picks they have coming their way, but with no chance to snag any players until the 2nd round. So where does this leave LA when it comes to addressing their needs?

It’s obvious that the team will need to focus their best picks on addressing the offensive tackle position, as well as edge rusher and defensive back, two positions that could be hurt by an exodus from some of the team’s top performers in this season’s NFL free agency market.

Afterward, finding a backup QB option to groom for the future, as well as bolstering up their defensive line, tight end position, and running back room will surely be the most important talking points for LA’s 2023 NFL draft strategy.

NFC West Mock Draft FAQ’s

How many rings does the NFC West have?

#3 – AFC North, AFC West, NFC West tied with 8 titles. The AFC North, NFC West, and AFC West, each have a total of eight triumphs to their name.
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Why were the Panthers in the NFC West?

The Panthers were put in the NFC West to increase the size of that division to five teams; there were already two other southeastern teams in the division, the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints. Former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dom Capers was named the first head coach.
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How many teams make the NFC West playoffs?

The National Football League (NFL) playoffs are a single-elimination tournament held after the regular season to determine the NFL champion. Currently, seven teams from each of the league’s two conferences qualify for the playoffs.
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