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Tom Brady said what? Another Dallas Cowboy got arrested? You’ve seen the breaking news! Now you need the latest updates on the NFL news and rumors. Track how you can use all this juicy information to get a head on the betting lines.

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NFL News Goes Beyond News

Let’s be honest; a lot of NFL news these days aren’t really news. And we don’t want it to be just news! There are trade rumors, top ten lists, and historical tidbits that all add sweet savory sauce to the meaty items that the Adam Schefters and Ian Rapaports serve. 

We love the NFL not just for the winning (or losing) or the betting. There are plenty of talent, personality, and fun non-football things here. 

The Buffalo Bills are not just awe-inspiring because they are a promising Super Bowl contender with an exciting quarterback. This is a franchise that has risen from its tortured prison to become a promising contender with an exciting quarterback. 

A little bit of history goes a long way in figuring out the “intangibles” behind every NFL team, player, or personnel. And it adds some color to all the NFL odds.


News on the 2021/22 NFL Season 

With the NFL Draft complete and several big names moving around, like Julio Jones going to the Tennessee Titans, we can expect the 2021 NFL season to be quite different. Tom Brady will probably still win the Super Bowl and the NFC East will still be a dumpster fire of a division. But you never know! 

As always, stay tuned as the NFL news cycle is a “24-7 365” thing.  

Use NFL News For NFL Betting

Stay updated on the latest NFL news. You’ll have to if you want to have an edge or keep it during NFL betting. Experts stay updated on the news and parlay this to the NFL odds with the latest NFL betting picks. Read up, take their advice (or don’t!) and score some points.

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