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2024 NFL Draft: Ravens Eye Diamonds After Free-Agent Haul

As the 2024 NFL Draft inches closer, the buzz around the Baltimore Ravens’ strategy is heating up. According to the latest NFL draft betting odds, these birds are projected to ruffle some feathers with their picks.

Will they fortify that nasty defense first? Or load up on offensive weapons for Lamar Jackson, especially when thinking about how everybody else in the AFC North has made it a point to buff up for the coming season?

2024 NFL Draft: Ravens Eye Diamonds After Free-Agent Haul
Lamar Jackson #8 Of The Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith / Getty Images North America / Getty Images Via Afp

One thing’s for sure — the Ravens are about to put the league on notice with their approach to this draft.

Let’s dive into their potential targets and bold moves!

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Checking Up on Baltimore’s Free Agency Moves

The Baltimore Ravens aren’t messing around this offseason. According to our latest NFL betting lines, they’re looking like a damn good bet to make some serious noise next season after the moves they’ve pulled off so far.

First, they locked down stud defensive tackle Justin Madubuike to a fat, four-year, $98 million extension. This dude was an absolute monster last season, leading all interior D-linemen with 13 sacks. A smart move locking him in as the anchor of that nasty defense.

But the Ravens weren’t just focusing on keeping their guys. They went out and nabbed superstar running back Derrick Henry from the Titans to beef up that running game. It doesn’t take a football genius to acknowledge what’s clearer than water here. Henry is a monster and a freakin’ tank.

In an offensive scheme like Baltimore’s, imagine trying to stop Henry and Lamar Jackson on the ground. Good luck with that, defenses!

Of course, the Ravens did have to wave goodbye to lineback Patrick Queen, who took his talents to their division rival in Pittsburgh on a three-year, $41 million deal.

Tough to lose him but that’s the NFL for you.

The big question now is what they’ll do with nearly two dozen free agents still on the market, including some big names like J.K. Dobbins and Odell Beckham Jr. Re-sign them? Let them walk? This next month is going to be full of tough decisions.

But one thing’s certain — the Ravens were fearless and aggressive this offseason. They kept a core piece and brought in a superstar, but they still need to be finished. If they play their cards right, they could be downright terrifying in 2024.

The hunt for the Lombardi Trophy just got way more interesting up in Maryland.

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Odds for Baltimore Ravens in the 2024 Season

  • Odds to Win AFC North: +115
  • Odds to Win AFC: +450
  • Odds to Win Super Bowl: +900

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Who Should The Ravens Focus on Drafting This Season?

Listen up, draft fans. NFL draft news sites are buzzing with what the Baltimore Ravens are cooking up for this year’s big event. After making some serious moves in free agency, these birds have their sights locked on the draft to really feather their nest.

Word on the street is the Ravens are going to attack the offensive line and cornerback spots early on.

We’re talking about potential first-round targets like mauler Amarius Mims at guard and lockdown artist Kamari Lassiter at the corner. Just imagine trying to run or pass on that nasty unit.

But that’s not all. According to our latest NFL Draft odds, the Ravens are sitting pretty with eight total picks, including their own, in the first three rounds. Sure, they’ll be selecting a little later in each round, but you know General Manager Eric DeCosta and Co. will be feasting on value picks that fit their system perfectly.

Oh, and don’t think they’re sleeping on offensive firepower, either. With some key free agents at receiver and running back still unsigned, you can bet they’ll be eyeing up some game-breakers to complement that already potent attack.

The bottom line? The Ravens have a crystal-clear plan – build a juggernaut roster ready to make a legit Super Bowl run in 2024. If they can nail this draft class while retaining their core guys, look the hell out.

For all you bettors out there, the online betting markets are already lighting up with NFL draft prop bets galore. Want some action on who the Ravens take at 22? How about an over/under on the total number of offensive players selected? This is your chance to really invest in Baltimore’s draft haul.

However it all shakes out, one thing’s for sure – the Ravens are coming full force in this draft. Baltimore is putting the league on notice that they’re reloading with their eyes firmly set on that Lombardi trophy.

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The Ravens have an estimated $13.85 million in cap space remaining to work with during the 2024 offseason.

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