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2024 NFL Draft: Teams Most Likely to Take Quarterback

In the 2024 NFL Draft, several teams are expected to prioritize selecting a quarterback in the first round to secure their future signal-callers. This creates a dynamic environment where certain teams, despite not having an urgent quarterback need or a high draft pick, might surprise everyone by trading up to snag their desired signal caller.

The Chicago Bears hold the first overall pick, sparking speculation: Will they opt for a franchise quarterback like USC’s Caleb Williams or trade down, especially if they decide to retain Justin Fields? The NFL Draft odds suggest the former, but surprises are a big part of each year’s event.

2024 NFL Draft: Teams Most Likely to Take Quarterback
Caleb Williams #QB14 of Southern California | Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP

Adding to the intrigue, three top-tier receiver prospects also vie for top-10 selections, challenging teams to choose between addressing immediate needs or opting for the best talent available. This uncertainty makes predicting which teams will draft quarterbacks particularly intriguing.


Chicago Bears: No. 1 & No. 9 Picks

With Justin Fields entering the fourth year of his rookie contract, the Chicago Bears face a critical decision: Keep Fields or draft a new quarterback? Despite showing some progress, Fields hasn’t firmly established himself as the franchise leader. The Bears could opt for a fresh start with a new quarterback like USC’s Caleb Williams, benefit from a five-year, cost-controlled evaluation period and potentially recoup assets by trading Fields.

The dismissal of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy suggests the Bears may be preparing for a change as introducing a new system in Fields’ fourth year seems counterintuitive unless there’s a shift in quarterback. With the deadline for Fields’ fifth-year option looming on May 2, the situation points toward the Bears likely trading him and selecting a new quarterback.

General Manager Ryan Poles faces a pivotal choice: Secure a new quarterback and leverage the rookie contract for roster development or continue with Fields. Though trading the top pick for additional assets is appealing, the Bears are expected to choose Caleb Williams without equal enthusiasm for another quarterback, signaling a new era and parting ways with Fields.

The NFL draft betting odds are -1200 for Williams to be the first QB selected and -1200 to be the first overall pick.


Washington Commanders: No. 2 Pick

Washington is the most likely candidate to draft a quarterback with the No. 2 overall pick, given the clear need for a franchise QB, the recent trade of Sam Howell to Seattle and a new leadership structure, including a first-year head coach and general manager under second-year ownership. The Commanders face several roster needs, but seizing the chance to select a franchise quarterback mirrors last year’s situation with Indianapolis – it’s an opportunity too significant to bypass.

Introducing Kliff Kingsbury as offensive coordinator alongside new management heightens the likelihood of drafting a new quarterback, most likely leveraging their high draft position.

While there’s speculation about trading down for additional picks and considering quarterbacks like J.J. McCarthy, Bo Nix or Michael Penix, Washington seems more inclined to choose between Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye at the second pick. The scenario indicates a strong preference for starting anew at quarterback, aligning with the team’s broad restructuring and strategic draft positioning.

The Vegas Odds NFL Draft list Jayden Daniels at -145 to be the 2nd overall pick and join the Commanders.

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New England Patriots: No. 3 Pick

With Mac Jones gone and a new head coach and general manager at the helm, the New England Patriots aim for greater collaboration in decision-making under owner Robert Kraft’s guidance. This new approach raises questions about their draft strategy. Will they choose the third quarterback available, opt for a higher-rated player in another position like a receiver or trade down to accumulate more assets for rebuilding? Given their additional 34th overall pick, they will likely introduce a new quarterback early in the draft to vie for the starting role.

Moreover, coach Jerod Mayo is expected to forge a new path for the Patriots, moving away from attempts to replicate the Bill Belichick era, which has proven unsuccessful for many. This signifies a fresh start and a different direction for the team’s future.



Questions Of The Day

What are some worthwhile Las Vegas odds for the NFL draft?

At +125, I like Drake Maye’s chances to go No. 2 to the Washington Commanders over Daniels at -145.

What are the NFL draft betting odds for Mr Irrelevant to be a QB?

The current NFL odds have Mr. Ireeleveant’s position to be a quarterback at +250.

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