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2024 NFL Draft: Which QBs Boosted Stock After Combine?

With the 2024 NFL Combine officially behind us, hundreds of college football prospects took their shot to show off their skills in Indianapolis and make the most out of their shot to stand out above their competition.

In the quarterback position, one of the deepest positions in 2024, the top three consensus NFL expert picks today to be picked in this year’s draft – USC’s Caleb Williams, North Carolina’s Drake Maye and LSU’s Jayden Daniels – did not take part in any of the physical or passing drills.

2024 NFL Draft: Which QBs Boosted Stock After Combine?
Michael Penix Jr. #9 of the Washington Huskies - Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP

That would automatically leave the space open for all other QB prospects to want to make the absolute most out of their time in the spotlight, praying their combine performances could lead team executives to start seeing them as viable l picks.

So, who out of the remaining passers in this year’s combine did best?


Best QBs at 2024 NFL Combine


1. Michael Penix Jr., Washington

Washington Huskies QB Michael Penix Jr. displayed no medical concerns and impressed with his hand size (10 1/2 inches) and arm length (33 5/8 inches) at the combine. When given the spotlight with the ball, Penix showcased his calling card: tremendous spin and accuracy on tight, beautiful, deep balls.

While natural athletic limitations prevent him from cracking the top five prospects, Penix’s performance raised questions about whether he did enough to become a first-round pick. A team willing to trade up, reminiscent of the Lamar Jackson selection, could target Penix as the last potential near-future starter available in that round.

Penix remained on target throughout the night, recovering from one errant throw by immediately correcting himself on the following snap. His arm strength enabled him to push the ball downfield and help his NFL draft betting odds stock take a considerable leap.



2. J.J. McCarthy, Michigan

First-round draft picks often depend on exceptional combine performances, and Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy delivered. He interviewed impressively all week, weighed 219 pounds with a 6-foot-2½ frame, and ran an elite 6.82-second three-cone drill.

McCarthy aced most tasks, showcasing easy velocity at all ranges with a crisp throwing motion and high-end arm talent.

His success highlighted his exciting potential despite occasional accuracy issues, especially when throwing across his body to the left, which led to several overthrown targets during drills. While some work finessing his targeting will need to happen once he enters the NFL, McCarthy otherwise impressed, nailing his footwork and ripping balls over the middle.

He would end up registering the second-highest velocity, evident on deep balls, despite sailing some outbreaking left routes.


3. Bo Nix, Oregon

I personally am a fan of Oregon‘s Bo Nix. But that does not exclude me from talking about what matters here: The fact that Nix, even while showing some very strong signs, still couldn’t put himself above his biggest competitors.

Nix’s day didn’t necessarily gain ground on McCarthy or Penix. He showcased his solid level of play after a slow start on in-breaking routes. As the drills progressed, Nix settled in. One knock was his arm strength, which was noticeably inferior to McCarthy and Penix. Occasionally, Nix struggled to fully drive passes without dipping the ball.

However, Nix displayed ample velocity to hit receivers on intermediate in-breakers, where his accuracy and timing shone as solid points. His touch and crisp release on deep passing attempts amounted to consistent execution.

Performances like this can become true catalysts for teams looking to snag a top-tier prospect, especially in a position as pivotal as QB once NFL Draft times come around. For example, Nix’s ability to stress defenses vertically and horizontally despite lacking an elite arm, and his technical prowess both translated to catchable balls at all levels.

If the NFL Draft were today, I would easily see Nix being a mid-first-round pick.


4. Spencer Rattler, South Carolina

Don’t let South Carolina‘s Spencer Rattler fool you for a second. The former Netflix reality star has quite the cannon for an arm. Once considered a potential high draft pick, his stock has taken a dive, leaving him to settle into becoming a likely third-round pick.

Rattler showcased his skills to make drive throws outside the numbers at the Senior Bowl, and at the combine, he showed off one of the strongest arms in attendance. His way of generating speed and talent to hit receivers in-stride with sharp-timed triggers looks almost effortless, something very enticing for scouts.

However, NFL Draft news experts focused on Rattler’s subpar testing numbers, which could weigh him down. At 211 pounds, Rattler posted a 4.95 40-yard dash along with middling results in agility drills and overall explosiveness. Still, while not having the overwhelming presence other prospects have, Rattler’s arm still commands respect.

His lack of true athleticism at the end of the day raises concerns despite his impressive arm talent.



5. Joe Milton III, Tennessee

Tennessee‘s Joe Milton III did precisely what was expected of him, putting on a smooth and effortless deep-ball show for scouts and fans. Although it’s evident he needs development in many areas, his arm power alone should garner third- or fourth-round interest.

Early in the drills, Milton led all passers with a 62 mph rocket in the fastest throw competition. Later in the combine’s deep passing drills, he showcased his ability to drive velocity downfield, which could easily make him one of the best prospects for NFL prop bets today if he was already in the league.

However, even after wowing experts with a beautiful 70-plus-yard bomb to Lideatrick Griffin that showcased his downfield strengths, inconsistencies at short and intermediate passes played a grim contrast, showing that refinement is still very much needed.



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