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A Second Loss in The Season? A Scenario the Eagles Don’t Want Happening

Remember those good old days when the Eagles were the last undefeated team in the NFL? The sky was blue, the air was crisp and there was no bringing Philadelphia down from the cloud they were riding on. Many people were starting to buy into the idea of an Eagles squad sailing into the postseason with a perfect record, but then Washington came along to spoil all the fun.

After suffering a humbling 32-21 loss against the Commanders on Week 11’s Monday Night Football game, the Eagles barely managed to bounce back in week 11 where they beat the Colts 17-16 on the road in Indianapolis.

A Second Loss in The Season? A Scenario the Eagles Don’t Want Happening
Jalen Hurts #1 of the Philadelphia Eagles - Andy Lyons/Getty Images/AFP

Now, with the chance to make it two wins in a row on this week’s Sunday Night Football game against the Packers at home in Philly, can the Eagles find their groove once again and topple an already down-and-out Green Bay squad?

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Philadelphia Needs Consistency on all Lines

A Second Loss in The Season? A Scenario the Eagles Don’t Want Happening
DeVonta Smith #6 of the Philadelphia Eagles – Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

Throughout the season the Eagles have managed to do something that they hadn’t done in prior seasons, find a sense of stability amongst all lines in the team and a way to function as a complete unit. That in itself has been the main driving reason behind the success

Philadelphia has seen throughout most of their season.

Against the Commanders in week 10 and even in their win against the Colts in week 11 though, that stability was not there on the field. Facing Washington, the offense couldn’t manage to put two and two together in a game where most experts had Philly winning this game with a certain ease. When the Commanders stepped on the gas defensively and put the Eagles against the ropes, that’s where the team’s offensive flaws shined through.

In their win versus Indy last week, stability and consistency were once again stumbling points for the Eagles. While the offense ended up scraping their way to the win, it was the defense that stepped up and keep the team from collecting their second loss in a row. Now, as they get ready to face the Packers, a team whose season continues to go from bad to worse, finding consistency between offense and defense will be the main key to a victory.

Offensively, while Green Bay has a strong secondary, it’s no match for Philadelphia’s core of receivers. With players like DeVonta Smith and AJ Brown, if he gets medically cleared to play after coming down with an illness that kept him from practicing, Philadelphia should have enough firepower to take down Green Bay’s back defense. As long as Jalen Hurts can get enough time and room to move in his pocket from his offensive line, getting the ball out shouldn’t be an issue.

To stop Green Bay on defense, Philadelphia needs to continue showing why they have one of the best lines when it comes to pressuring QBs and making opposing teams commit turnovers. Once they stuff up the Packers in their scrimmage line and break through their offensive line, it should be smooth sailing for the Eagles.

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Sharing Will Be Caring for Green Bay’s Offense

A Second Loss in The Season? A Scenario the Eagles Don’t Want Happening
Christian Watson #9 of the Green Bay Packers – Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP

Each of Green Bay’s games this season has been a testament to the team’s reality. On defense the team continues to play at a strong level, being the main reason why the Packers have a fighting chance in each game. But when it comes to the offense, there is no honest way to try and salvage the unit.

Aaron Rodgers at most times looks like he is playing by himself, and not because of a lack of players to back him up, but because Green Bay’s QB looks more defeated than anything else. The rise of rookie WR Christian Watson within the Packers’ offense though could easily be taken as one of the shining spots in a rather bleak unit.

Facing the Eagles though, who happens to have one of the best secondaries in the league, Green Bay will need to start learning how to share the loads on offense if they wish to prevail. Instead of allowing Rodgers to take full command of all the play-calling, which leads to a pass-heavy offense, using their running backs against Philadelphia’s front-seven defense could pay off in big ways.

With a player that can become a difference maker on the field like Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon backing him, the Packers could have the best shot in trying to beat Philadelphia’s defense in running the ball with them rather than passing it.

Defensively, neutralizing Hurts will be essential. Philadelphia’s QB is easily the biggest dual-threat player on the Eagles offense. If the Packers’ front seven can reach him and not allow him to run the ball or move with ease in the pocket and keep a strong coverage on Philadelphia’s receivers in the backfield, the Packers might be looking at their best chance to succeed on Sunday.

Will This Be Green Bay’s Farewell to the Season?

A Second Loss in The Season? A Scenario the Eagles Don’t Want Happening
Aaron Rodgers #12 and Jordan Love #10 of the Green Bay Packers – Patrick McDermott/Getty Images/AFP

If the Lions had come through and beat the Bills at home on Thanksgiving then yes, a loss for the Packers could have ideally meant the farewell to their season. But with the second place of the NFC North division still up for grabs between both teams, a win for Green Bay could hold great significance.

Still, with Philadelphia primed to make it two wins in a row and with the chance to take down last year’s MVP along the way, the Eagles look more than ready to score the win on Sunday Night Football and move to 10-1.

So roll with Philly to beat Rodgers and the Packers and continue on their path to keep a hold of the NFC’s No.1 seed in the upcoming playoffs.

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