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The Aaron Rodgers Sweepstakes Restarts

Perpetually Disgruntled Superstar Goes Where?

And we’re back. Thanks to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers crashing out of the playoffs again, we retuen to talking about whether Rodgers will stay or go. And if it’s the latter, like most content creators are likely wishing for, where is he headed?

Wouldn’t you know it, the BetUS online sportsbook has posted a bevy of odds on Rodgers’ future. Will he retire? Will he leave Green Bay? Which team will he go to? You can bet on all of these.

Aaron Rodgers will stay or go: Odds, Picks & Predictions 2022


Rodgers Retirement? How Many?

So we can expect Rodgers and especially the media to bring up this retirement thing over and over. The sports betting odds don’t think it will be close though, having lined Rodgers’ return at -2000. If he actually retires, that’s +750.

However, there is around a 66% chance that he does not play for the Packers in Week 1 according to the -260 betting line he’s at. If he does suit up, it’s +175.

Going by these odds, it’s more than likely that Rodgers takes his talents out of the frozen tundra of Green Bay. We go through the boring but more plausible and the exciting but not-so-plausible scenarios in the return of our tier system: the shoulda, woulda, coulda tiers.

Tier 1: Teams That Should and Could

Denver Broncos (+300)

The most likely and sensible team for Aaron Rodgers to go to is the Denver Broncos. Despite finishing 7-10, the Broncos had a positive point differential and the third-best defense in the NFL. And this is with the many injuries they suffered.

All the team needs is an elite quarterback and it will have the same NFL odds to win the Super Bowl as the Packers this season. We’ll also get to see Rodgers face Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert each at least twice a season.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+400)

Not unlike the Broncos, the Pittsburgh Steelers are another elite defense that could use better quarterback play. And like Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger sounds done with the team.

Pittsburgh is also in a suddenly deadly division, maybe the toughest in the NFL, with the rise of Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals. This team needs a stud quarterback or Mike Tomlin may finally have a losing season.

Cleveland Browns (+800)

Sensing a trend here? The other AFC North team that has a shot to land Rodgers is the Cleveland Browns. The cat is out of the bag now, Baker Mayfield is not the quarterback to lead this team to the promised land.

The Browns jettisoned Odell Beckham Jr. and suffered a glut of injuries to finish to a disappointing 8-9 record. Still, there are plenty of elite players on both sides of the ball. If Rodgers wants to erase this narrative that he’s a playoff fraud – “Aaron Fraudgers,” he can go to Cleveland gift this eternally tormented city a Lombardi Trophy.

Tier 2: Teams That Shouldn’t But Could

Miami Dolphins (+500)

For around the same time that Rodgers was forcing his way out of Green Bay, the Miami Dolphins have sought a quarterback. The team, much like a person in a relationship cat-calling another person, has called for Deshaun Watson and Rodgers while Tua Taigavaloa was still around.

This franchise’s dysfunction goes beyond its roster as we saw the promising Brian Flores get kicked to the curb. Rodgers needs a stable and submissive organization, not one with a front office that wants its way. But can you imagine the drama that will ensue?

Seattle Seahawks (+1600)

Overshadowed by Aaron Rodgers’ drama is another superstar quarterback’s saga: Russell Wilson. Whispers have been getting louder that Seattle’s longtime signal-caller wants a change of scenery. If he is dealt, you can expect the Seahawks to be in the mix for Rodgers.

However, this would be a lateral move for the Seahawks. Wilson has won more games (9) than Rodgers (7) since the former was drafted and they have the same amount of rings: one.

Tier 3: Teams That Should But Couldn’t

Several other contenders on the list could use Aaron Rodgers’s services if they could afford him. The New Orleans Saints (+1400) are a mess. Sean Payton just stepped down and the team is more than $70 million above the salary cap. Likewise, the New York Giants (+1600) are also $5 million above and don’t have interesting assets compared to other teams higher on the list.

Tier 4: Teams That Shouldn’t And Couldn’t

Every other team left on the betting table and outside the table. But don’t be shocked if our NFL predictions are way off. That’s what makes the NFL so fun.

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