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Are San Francisco 49ers NFC West’s Best Bet to Win Super Bowl 59?

For the second time in recent seasons, the San Francisco 49ers represented the NFC West in the Super Bowl. And, for the second time, they lost.

A question arose after looking over the 49ers’ results and expectations for 2024. Are the 49ers the NFL pick to make in the NFC West to win the Super Bowl, or is there a better option?

Are San Francisco 49ers NFC West’s Best Bet to Win Super Bowl 59?
San Francisco 49ers' running back #23 Christian McCaffrey | TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP

Let’s explore that idea and break down the NFL odds for each NFC West team to hoist the hardware in 2024.

1. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are favored to win Super Bowl 59 after failing for the second time under coach Kyle Shanahan when it mattered most. I hate sounding like a broken record, but I don’t see Brock Purdy as the top-tier QB many of my peers do. It’s a case of not trusting the stats and a player being boosted by a phenomenal supporting cast. He’s better than his draft position, but his almost winning the MVP is nuts.

The 49ers don’t have much to improve, which is good because they are over the salary cap this off-season. All of their best players are already under contract, and they will field another great team in 2024.

Don’t let my feelings about Purdy fool you into thinking I believe the 49ers are a bad team. They are so well put together that San Francisco is worth a bet online to challenge for the Super Bowl again in 2024.

  • 49ers Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +600


2. Los Angeles Rams

Much like the 49ers, the good news for the Rams is their most important players are already under contract, so there won’t be any in-house offseason drama between ownership and players. The Rams also have $27.7 million in salary cap space to play with when filling the current gaps on their roster.

I’m not calling a trip for LA to the Super Bowl, but at +3500 and money to spend, they are worth considering. The Rams won seven of their last nine regular-season games and were just one point away from a trip to the divisional round of the playoffs.

  • Rams Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +3500


3. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have several things going for them, including a new head coach, Mike Macdonald, a talented roster, and their salary cap, which is reasonable minus $5.2 million. They aren’t Super Bowl caliber, but they should improve over last season.

My biggest issue with the Seahawks making the playoffs is how tough the NFC West is. The 49ers and Rams are clearly better teams, and the Cardinals have nowhere to go but up.

For my money, 2024 is a good year to avoid NFL betting on Seattle to win the Super Bowl.

  • Seahawks Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +8000


4. Arizona Cardinals

There isn’t much to say about the Cardinals that most of you don’t already know. They are messy and need more work than my cousin’s clapped-out ‘84 IROC.

There is good news, however, as the Cardinals have $41.9 million in salary cap space and have three picks in the top 35. By the time pick 105 comes around, the Cardinals will have drafted seven players, making them potentially the most exciting young team in the league.

  • Cardinals Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +8000



Questions Of The Day

Are the 49ers worth an NFL bet as Super Bowl favorites?

Yes and no. Yes, because the Niners are clearly good enough to ascend to another Super Bowl in 2024. But no, because when they do get to the big game, the current iteration of the 49ers under Shanahan is 0-3.

Is there a dark horse team that could win the NFC West?

I don’t hate the Rams Vegas NFL betting odds to win the Super Bowl, but I think you have a better chance of cashing tickets on them as a dark horse to win the division from under the 49ers.

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