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Best Bets for Jaguars in 2023: Banking on Breakout Season

There is a ceiling to how far the Jacksonville Jaguars can climb this season, but another trip to the playoffs feels likely with the squad they have in 2023. What doesn’t feel doable is a Super Bowl win, with NFL odds of +2500 to go all the way. For reference, the Los Angeles Chargers are also +2500 to win the Super Bowl, while the Miami Dolphins are +2200.

But there is more to futures betting than who will win the Super Bowl, and I want to highlight my two best NFL bets for the Jaguars’ upcoming season.

Best Bets for Jaguars in 2023: Banking on Breakout Season
C.J. Beathard #3 of the Jacksonville Jaguars | Nic Antaya/Getty Images/AFP

Jaguars Over 4.5 Regular Season Division Wins (+135)

Following years of dominance by the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans, after a phenomenal 2022 season, the AFC South runs through Jacksonville.

The offseason was good for this team as it strengthened its weak spots with some low-key great moves, adding guys like D’Ernest Johnson and retaining TE Evan Engram to bolster their offense. They will also get fellow NFL betting enthusiast, and starting WR Calvin Ridley back after his suspension.

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While the Jaguars got better this offseason and featured a top-10 coach in Doug Pederson, the real star of this future prop is the awful AFC South. Unless something tragic happens to the Jaguars, they should walk all over their division opponents.

I was unable to locate a prop for this, but I would gladly bet on Jacksonville going 6-0 in the AFC South this season.

Jaguars to Lose in the Divisional Round (+310)

In a perfect world, the Jaguars have a high ceiling that could send them to the AFC Championship round. But we don’t live in an ideal world, and the Jaguars would have to contend with the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills, and/or Cincinnati Bengals before they could vie for a title.

I don’t see a world where the Jaguars defense could hang with Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, or Patrick Mahomes.

I believe the Jaguars will do better in 2023 than a year ago when their season ended against the Chiefs in the Divisional Round 27-20. But their improvements will be felt more during the regular season with double-digit wins and an AFC South title.

Because the rest of the playoff teams in the AFC are so good, I think the Jaguars will run into one of the Super Bowls that they can’t get past again in 2023.

If you are feeling spicy, the Jaguars’ NFL lines are +900 to lose in the conference championship, +2000 to lose in the Super Bowl, and +2500 to go all the way.

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