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Best Bets for Jets in 2023: From Joke to NFL Betting Darlings

Oh, how much a year and a new quarterback can do to change the future of an NFL team. After finishing the 2022 season with a 7-10 record, including six straight losses to close everything out, nobody was ready to give a nickel for the New York Jets this year. And then Aaron Rodgers entered the fray.

As soon as Rodgers was made the official starting QB, NFL predictions experts started taking New York from the league’s perennial joke to a true and proud playoff – and even championship – contender. Who knew all this team needed was a passer who actually knew how to lead offenses and win games, huh?

Best Bets for Jets in 2023: From Joke to NFL Betting Darlings
Aaron Rodgers #8 of the New York Jets | Mike Stobe/Getty Images/AFP

To say that New York’s passing offense is about to go through a night-and-day transformation is treading lightly. With the team’s core of young talents ready to be led by one of the best in the game, new grounds are ahead.

Now, with the Jets slated as one of the hottest commodities in all NFL lines lists, what are some of the best bets to consider for the upcoming season?

Two Props to Make Baller Betting Duo

Coming back to Rodgers taking NY’s passing offense to new grounds, the player poised to be the most benefitted from said improvement should be 2nd-year receiver and last year’s OROY, WR Garrett Wilson. After breaking the thousand-yard mark last season with 1,103, all while playing for three different QBs, Wilson could be in for a breakout sophomore year in the league.

Our sportsbook has Garrett Wilson at +400 for being the AFC East receiver with the most yards, trailing only Miami’s Tyreek Hill and Buffalo’s Stefon Diggs, two of the best receivers in the league. That in itself should be an enticing NFL betting option, but how about we add a little extra nugget just for kicks?

It is projected that Wilson should easily break the 1200-yard mark this season, which is why taking him to go over 1150 ½ yards (-115) in the season is a no-brainer.

This dude is about to go NUCLEAR this season 💥 pic.twitter.com/DMBuCOdf1c

— 𝙅𝙀𝙏𝙎 𝙈𝙀𝘿𝙄𝘼🛫 (@NYJets_Media) August 27, 2023

Long Shot Bet: Jets Under 9½ Wins in 2023

Before the Jets start letting in any more people into their newly formed bandwagon and hype bus, let’s get real. Yes, New York has a championship-caliber defense and an offense that could be a menace for opponents, but before making them your preferred NFL picks for every game of the season, look at their schedule and think for a second.

Take the first four games of the season, for example. With the Buffalo Bills at MetLife in Week 1, followed by a visit to Dallas to play the Cowboys, and then a two-game home stint against the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, losses will come. Afterward, the Denver Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, Bills again, Miami Dolphins twice, Los Angeles Chargers, and Las Vegas Raiders all stand out as intriguing and tough games for the green and white in 2023.

If you ask me, as a Jets fan, I’ll take this team winning at least 10 games this season. But, with that said, taking a note from our NFL betting odds pundits, taking the Jets winning under 9½ games this season at +105 might be a long-shot bet, but one that could still pay off very well.

With nine wins, New York could still have a fighting chance to make it into the postseason, so Jets fans rest at ease. For now, making it to nine wins will be the mission.

How About the Jets Winning Super Bowl LVIII?

Kicking realism to the curve and getting stupid because “J E T S – JETS – JETS – JETS,” do you have a minute to talk about the good word of me, a die-hard Jets fan selling you on New York winning Super Bowl LVIII?

Yes? Cool, let’s talk Jets football in the Super Bowl.

Last year, the Jets were touted as a playoff-caliber team without a QB. For some people, this team could make it to the Super Bowl, but was lacking due to not having a strong passer. Thus enter Rodgers and his neo-hippie, dime-slinging persona.

Two years ago, if somebody had tried to sell the idea of the Jets making it to the Super Bowl and, even more, winning the Lombardy Trophy, the NFL odds would’ve been at +1000000000, to say the least. Now though, in 2023, taking the Jets at +1600 might be the NFL expert pick nobody could’ve seen coming.

This team has an offense that could make any opposing team end up with PTSD, and once Rodgers & Co. gets the offense rolling, stopping the Jets from taking flight might be too hard to pull.

I know I’m biased as a Jets fan, but the Jets at +1600 to win Super Bowl LVIII? Come on, tell me that doesn’t sound like fun.

Checking the Vegas NFL odds before placing your bets is always a smart move for informed decisions.

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