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Best Early 2022 NFL Season Future Bets To Keep An Eye On

Is there anything better than pro football? Why yes there is! Making money as a fan from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be from wagering on Super Bowl odds and Super Bowl lines. Yes, we know, the season is still some months away, but we also know that for true and proud NFL fans from all around, the chance to start checking out some of the best future bets for the NFL season is right about now.

Sure, we could talk about favorites in each division, conference, and even to make it to the NFL Super Bowl LVII odds, like how we did in our piece about favorites to make it to Super Bowl LVII that you should definitely check out after reading this, but no, for now, let’s focus on another slew of future bets that are just as important, for example, who the MVP might end up being, defensive and offensive rookies of the year and comeback player of the year. So, who’s looking best as of right now, to be taking home the most important player-ridden awards this upcoming season? Let’s talk about football and Bet on Super Bowl now!

Best Early 2022 NFL Season Future Bets To Keep An Eye On. Quarterback Josh Allen
  • MVP Award

Ah yes, the Most Valuable Player of the Season award. One could say it’s the equivalent of winning a title for a team, but this is just devoted to the one player who throughout the entirety of the regular season went above and beyond to play some excellent football. If you look at the top Vegas NFL odds makers, you’ll see just how important this accolade can be when it comes to betting on NFL futures. So without further ado, here are the three top early favorites for the season. Spoiler, yes, they are all quarterbacks.

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This man goes to prove that it wasn’t impossible to turn the Buffalo Bills from a perennial bottom-dwelling team into one of the most feared squads in the league. His evolution as quarterback and leader for the Bills has been immense and with 2022 being a year in which all of the best NFL lines makers are pitting Buffalo as one of the teams to beat, there’s no denying that one of the main reasons is Josh Allen and how good he is.

Josh Allen Profile

    • Patrick Mahomes, QB, Kansas City Chiefs

If there is one man who can truly challenge Josh Allen, not only in the chase for the AFC title but for MVP, it’s Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes already knows what it’s like to win this award, having won it in 2018, and with another year in which the Chiefs will once again start the season as one of the heavily favored teams to win the AFC, it’s a shoo-in that he could also take home his second MVP award.

Patrick Mahomes Profile

    • Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers

Don’t call it a comeback! No seriously, don’t because every year Aaron Rodgers plays in the league is another year in which he is automatically considered a top candidate for MVP. Rodgers, who will once again be back commanding Green Bay’s offense will surely make heads turn all over and take his team on yet another ride to the playoffs, which means that having him as a favorite for MVP is as easy as counting to two.

Yes, we know we didn’t mention Tom Brady, but the man has already done so much in the NFL and in the league that we’re pretty sure that one day when you say NFL MVP people will automatically assume you’re speaking of Brady.

Aaron Rodgers Profile

  • DPOY Award

While MVP is usually a category dominated by quarterbacks, when it comes to defensive player of the year, this is where the QB smashers usually take over. Here are our NFL picks for the three best candidates for the DPOY award.

    • TJ Watt, OLB, Pittsburgh Steelers

What is it about the Watt family and football? TJ Watt, linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers has proven to be one of the most dominant players defensively speaking in the AFC and the league in general for the past couple of years. He is what one could easily consider a sacking machine and his leadership skills have made him one of the most pivotal players in the Steelers organization. Expect a lot of sacks from Watt, and we mean it, a lot!

    • Aaron Donald, DT, Los Angeles Rams

Yes, the Rams are a great team, they’re Super Bowl champions, how could they not be? But if we’re going to be completely honest here, we can all agree that the backbone of the team and backbone crusher of opposing offenses is Aaron Donald, the defensive leader of the Rams. When speaking of Donald, it feels like we’re talking about what defensive excellence on the field is like. This man is the nightmare for opposing offensive lines and quarterbacks and he will surely once again wreak havoc once again this upcoming season.

Aaron Donald Profile

    • Myles Garrett, DE, Cleveland Browns

If an 18-wheeler and Myles Garrett crashed face to face, it’s more probable that the owner of the vehicle would have to look for some really good mechanics to build the car up again than Garrett even getting a scratch. Defensive end Myles Garrett is the definition of what getting hit by a wrecking ball on the football field is like. But at the same time, the man is so smooth he moves like a classical dancer, a dancer who can knock someone’s helmet out but still, have finesse all over the place.

Myles Garrett Profile

  • Offensive and Defensive Rookie Of The Year Awards

On offense, the Rookie of the Year Award usually ends up going to quarterbacks too. But if Ja’Marr Chase taught us anything last year it’s that a quarterback is only as good as his receiving core. While this year’s draft class was slim in the QB department, over in the WR department, it had some of the best rookie receivers in a long time. Off the bat players like NY Jets WR Garret Wilson, Saints WR Chris Olave, Falcons WR Drake London and Titans WR Treylon Burks all stand out from their competition as the favorites for the OROY award. Don’t sleep on the Jets new running back, and the best RB in this year’s draft class Breece Hall though, because he will be getting a lot of playing time and snaps this season.

What this draft may have lacked on quarterbacks, it had on defensive all-stars, which is why the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award race will be a very good one to keep an eye on, especially with how all Vegas NFL odds makers are already starting to preview them. Three names are standout though from the race, with the Lion’s newest EDGE Aidan Hutchinson, Giants OLB Kayvon Thibodeaux, and the 1st pick of the draft, Jaguars OLB Travon Walker looking all sorts of good from early on, especially since they give off a feeling that they will become franchise players and leaders for their respective defenses in the immediate future.

Travon Walker Profile

  • Comeback Player Of The Year Award

It’s always a feel-good story to see a player come back from a season-ending injury into the league and just tear the season up with as much power, talent, and poise as ever. This is why the Comeback Player of the Year Award holds a very special place in everyone’s heart in the league. As a clear favorite, and a player who all football fans know that if he comes back in full form there will be no way of stopping him is Titans star RB Derrick Henry. Henry was on track to breaking all rushing records last season before being sidelined with a season-ending injury, but if he comes back in 2022 stronger than ever, then it’s game over for all other candidates for the award and for any opposing defense in his way.

Lastly, Browns QB DeShaun Watson, who will finally get a chance to play football again after having to deal with a plethora of off the field legal issues deter him from performing last season with his now former team, the Houston Texans is also a top favorite to take the award if he can manage to take the Browns back to prominence, something Baker Mayfield failed to do last season even while being considered favorites in their division.

Derrick Henry Profile

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