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Betting on 2023 NFL Season: Buffalo Bills

Another season is upon us and the Buffalo Bills are locked in as one of the top AFC favorites to dominate once again and make a run at Super Bowl LVIII. Our NFL odds have the Bills sitting comfortably in second place to win the AFC Conference at +450, right behind the Kansas City Chiefs, which shows what? Yes, the Bills are again pitted to be odds-on favorites to run the show in the AFC.

Coming into 2023 with one of the strongest offenses from last season, betting on the Bills should be a no-brainer, right? But given Buffalo’s late-season struggles from last year – yes, that choke job against Cincinnati in the playoff divisional rounds still lives in our memory – how much of a liability is putting money on the Bills for the long run?

Betting on 2023 NFL Season: Buffalo Bills
Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills - Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images/afp

Buffalo Bills, Yay or Nay?

You have to give it to Buffalo whether you’re a fan or not. They play exciting, offense-forward, physical football week in and week out. When Josh Allen and company take the field, understanding why they are perennial NFL lines favorites in each game is a breeze. With a strong core of players on all sides of the ball, Buffalo should maintain its status as online betting darlings for NFL fans this season.

Maybe all this team needs is some sort of trust-building exercises or therapy to get their act together and then go for the Super Bowl. It’s 2023, and working out emotional kinks is in. Even on a bad day though, betting on the Bills to get at least 11 wins this season and make the postseason is the way to go.

Three Players to Watch

Any conversation regarding Bills players to watch will always begin with Allen. Buffalo’s QB has been, and will continue to be, this team’s most important player. If it wasn’t for the fact that Patrick Mahomes is around, we could easily be talking about Allen as the top NFL pick for this year’s regular season MVP award. But what would be of Allen without his favorite target, Stefon Diggs?

My second pick for Bills players to watch has to go to Diggs. With 1,429 receiving yards last season, alongside 11 TDs on 108 receptions, this man is the literal definition of money! Allen is great, some may argue he’s one of a kind, but one of the main reasons he could have a very strong season again this year is Diggs. If Diggs is running routes for him, good things will always come.

Lastly, on defense, give me Gregory Rousseau all day. Playing in the third year of his rookie deal, Rousseau will be looking to break out and become the team’s new defensive leader with the help of veterans Von Miller and Leonard Floyd. Rousseau had eight sacks last year, I’ll take him for 10 – easily – in 2023.

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Season Prediction

If you were to ask any of the top NFL odds pundits, they’d probably tell you that betting on the Bills to make it to the playoffs should be as easy as pie. And how could it not be? They have one of the best rosters in the league, a strong coaching staff, and a fanbase ready to go for the gold. So, where’s the “but” in all this?

With the Bills, talent is not to be argued. In Allen and Diggs, Buffalo has one of the best, if not the best, QB/WR duo in the league. It’s the team’s killer mentality or lack thereof, that could end up being their detriment.

Yes, the Bills will make the playoffs, and if all the pieces fall into place, make a run at the AFC title game. But a trip to Super Bowl LVIII? I wouldn’t count on it.

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