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Betting on 2023 NFL Season: New York Jets

After years of being the butt of the joke in the NFL, it seems as if the New York Jets are finally ready to take flight and not crash horrendously immediately after. With the signing of former Green Bay Packers legend Aaron Rodgers and a slew of other top-notch free agents to add to their up-and-coming core of explosive, young talents, the message coming from the gang green is clear, it’s Super Bowl or bust!

However, hold the champagne and green and white streamers for a second; are the Jets ready to live up to their hype as NFL odds favorites and deliver?

Betting on 2023 NFL Season: New York Jets
Sauce Gardner #1 of the New York Jets - Steph Chambers/Getty Images/afp

New York Jets, Yay or Nay?

For years, being a Jets fan felt like shooting yourself in the foot and running the New York Marathon. With the Jets slated as 7th in our NFL lines for potential Super Bowl LVIII winner, how can one not believe? Then again, it’s the Jets, and if there was ever a team who made Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” turn into a crock of crap, it’s the green and white folks.

Now, before you start kicking the Jets to the curve, consider this: New York’s defense was ranked 4th overall in the league last season. Its secondary went from being almost non-existent to one of the toughest to face. Last year’s rookie class put on a show and is now poised to have a breakout season.

But who am I kidding? Let’s talk about the real issue here. If I had a dollar for every time I heard or read about how the Jets were a QB away from being a playoff-contending team, I would have enough money for major online betting action on this Rodgers-led offense killing it week in and week out.

My only main concern is the team’s perennial offensive line problems. To put it simply, if Rodgers has an O-line willing to actually block and play good football, then take the Jets to win it all. If the line falls, so will New York’s chances at achieving anything this season.

Three Players to Watch

You’d think that I would start this with Rodgers, right? It’s the easiest way to go, and you know what? Damn right, I’ll get this going with NY’s new franchise QB. His mix of veteran, championship-winning skills and ayahuasca hues might be the perfect mix to turn the Jet’s passing game from an afterthought to a point-scoring machine.

Combine that with the help that second-year WR – and last season’s OROY – Garrett Wilson will bring to the table as well as returning RB Breece Hall, and we’re talking about a potential top-10 offense in the league.

But while offenses win games, defenses win championships. Thankfully, the Jets have in CB Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner and DT Quinnen Williams, the leaders of one of the league’s best lockdown units. Count on this defense to step up when the offense lags and hopefully push the team through thick and thin.

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Season Prediction

If it was solely based on fandom, I would sign my life away right now in return for the Jets winning Super Bowl LVIII. But, since putting my life at risk is not something I’m looking to do just now, let me level the playing field.

Considering what the Jets have shown in prior seasons, night and day fall short when comparing the past to what the present and apparent future holds in store. Do they have enough to win the AFC East?

Yes, and at +250 odds, it’s a steal. Once in the playoffs, how much of a good bet is taking the Jets to win the AFC title? Again, a steal at +900. But that would entail dabbing into faith more than anything.

Do I see the Jets making it to Super Bowl LVIII? As a fan, yes. I see them winning it and me going on a two-week bender right after. As an impartial writer, though, I believe the Jets will make it to the divisional round, maybe the AFC title game… and wish for the best after that.

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