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Which NFL Team Will Draft Bo Nix Odds & Analysis

While all conversations revolving around the 2024 NFL Draft and its stacked QB class continue to revolve around names like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and JJ McCarthy, can we take a moment and talk about Bo Nix, the Oregon QB with undeniable talent and a bit of mystery surrounding his draft stock. Click here to view the latest 2024 NFL Draft odds.

The buzz is he could go in the first round, maybe even the second. But which team will roll the dice on his potential and snag him?

Which NFL Team Will Draft Bo Nix Odds & Analysis
Bo Nix to the... Broncos?! 2024 Draft Odds Reveal Who Might Take a Chance on Nix.


Which NFL Team Will Draft Bo Nix Odds & Analysis

Step right up and place your bets, folks – because when it comes to Nix’s draft odds, there are plenty of intriguing possibilities to consider. Will he land with a quarterback-needy squad looking for a savior under center? Or might he be the heir apparent to an aging veteran on a contending team?

The draft lines are ever-shifting, but one thing’s for sure – whichever team ultimately pulls the trigger on Nix could be getting a game-changer who transforms their franchise for years to come.

Let’s break down the odds and see which squads could use a dash of Nix’s playmaking magic for their future.

Which Teams Are Front Runners In The Bo Nix Draft Odds Race?

As the draft inches closer, the speculation around Nix’s landing spot continues to grow. While there are plenty of teams that could use a dynamic playmaker like Nix under center, a few have emerged as the clear favorites to snag the Oregon standout come draft day.

Leading the pack are the Denver Broncos, with a commanding -175 odds to make Nix their quarterback of the future. The Broncos hold the 12th overall pick, which may seem a bit early for Nix – but if they truly believe he’s the guy, don’t be surprised if they pull the trigger.

Denver could also try to get crafty and trade back into the late first or early second round, hoping to snag Nix at a better value. Either way, the Broncos seem determined to find their franchise QB – and Nix could be just the ticket.

Hot on Denver’s heels are the Minnesota Vikings, with +400 odds to bring Nix into the fold. The Vikings are in a bit of a tricky spot – picking at No. 11 may be a reach for Nix, but waiting until their next pick at No. 42 could be too risky.

Minnesota clearly needs a new signal-caller, though, so don’t be shocked if they make a bold move to secure Nix’s services if they fail to trade up in the draft for any of the other available passers.

Rounding out the top contenders are the Las Vegas Raiders, with +500 odds to roll the dice on Nix. Like the Vikings, the Raiders could be reaching if they take Nix at No. 13 – but if they’re in love with his potential, they may decide it’s worth the gamble.

If they pass on him in the first round, though, it’s hard to imagine Nix still being on the board when they pick again at No. 44.

Of course, the draft is always full of surprises – and there are plenty of other teams that could swoop in and steal Nix away from these favorites. But if you’re looking to place a bet on where this electrifying prospect will end up, the Broncos, Vikings, and Raiders seem like the safest plays.


Bo Nix Sleeper Picks: Long Shot NFL Draft Odds to Watch

While the Oregon standout may not be the odds-on favorite to go off the board early, there are a handful of teams that could be poised to make a splash by snagging him in the later rounds. These longshot bets may not be for the faint of heart, but for those willing to take a chance on a high-upside prospect, the payoff could be massive.

Leading the pack of potential Nix suitors are the Seattle Seahawks, with a tantalizing +2600 odds to land the dynamic quarterback. With a new coaching staff in place and questions swirling around Geno Smith’s long-term future, the stage could be set for Nix to step in and take the reins of the Seahawks’ offense. The 16th pick may be a bit rich for Nix, but if Seattle falls in love with his potential, don’t be surprised if they pull the trigger.

Another team to keep an eye on is the Tennessee Titans, with +3000 odds to nab Nix. The Titans may be in a bit of a pickle, though – the 7th pick is likely too early for Nix, but he may not still be on the board when they pick again at No. 38. If Tennessee wants to secure Nix’s services, they may need to get creative, either by trading down from No. 7 or trading back into the first round later on.

But perhaps the most intriguing longshot of all is the Arizona Cardinals, with a whopping +7500 odds to bring Nix into the fold. The Cardinals’ future at quarterback is murky at best, with Kyler Murray’s long-term outlook uncertain.

If the Cards decide to move on from Murray sooner rather than later, Nix could be the perfect candidate to step in and take the reins. The Cardinals could potentially snag Nix with the 27th pick, or even wait and hope he falls to them at No. 35 – a move that could pay off big time if Nix lives up to his potential.

So where will Bo Nix sling passes next? The odds are swirling like a desert dust storm, but in short: the team that lands him is taking a gamble with a potentially high reward. Nix could be a diamond in the rough, a spark plug to ignite an offense, or maybe…well, let’s just say the jury’s still out.

But hey, that’s the beauty of the draft, right? Uncertainty mixed with a dash of hope. So, keep your eyes peeled on draft day, because wherever Nix lands, it could end up being a story worth watching unfold.


Our Complete Odds For Which Team Will Land Bo Nix In The 2024 NFL Draft

  • Denver Broncos -175
  • Minnesota Vikings +400
  • Las Vegas Raiders +500
  • New York Giants +700
  • New Orleans Saints +1800
  • New England Patriots +2200
  • Los Angeles Rams +2500
  • Seattle Seahawks +2600
  • Tennessee Titans +3000
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +3500
  • Detroit Lions +4000
  • Washington Commanders +4000
  • New York Jets +4000
  • San Francisco 49ers +5000
  • Atlanta Falcons +5000
  • Dallas Cowboys +5000
  • Chicago Bears +7500
  • Miami Dolphins +7500
  • Arizona Cardinals +7500
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +7500
  • Baltimore Ravens +8000
  • Los Angeles Chargers +10000
  • Houston Texans +10000
  • Kansas City Chiefs +10000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +10000
  • Indianapolis Colts +10000
  • Carolina Panthers +10000
  • Cleveland Browns +10000
  • Green Bay Packers +10000
  • Cincinnati Bengals +10000
  • Philadelphia Eagles +10000
  • Buffalo Bills +10000



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