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Breaking Down Our Surefire NFL Draft Betting Tips

Going through the void that falls between one NFL season finishing and the next one starting can sometimes become very hard to navigate. For diehard football fans, the gap from not having action week in and week out can become quite a struggle.

That’s why I, as a representative for faithful football aficionados from all around, would like to take a moment and thank the Lord and heavens above for what’s about to come in a few weeks.

Breaking Down Our Surefire NFL Draft Betting Tips
Caleb Williams #13 of the USC Trojans - Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images/AFP

One of the most exciting events in the early-year sporting calendar.

Yes, the 2024 NFL Draft!

Now, you might be thinking, yes, the draft is fun, it’s exciting, but is there a betting angle for NFL predictions pundits to get a little action going?

Of course there is, which is why I’m here to break down our list of surefire tips to make your NFL draft betting experience a winner from beginning to end.


Understanding the NFL Draft Basics

To begin, let’s get one thing out of the way. Betting on the draft is completely different than any other NFL betting activity. Unlike when wagering on games, props or future bets based solemnly on performance on the field, in the draft you are putting money more on how your favorite team’s front offices perform instead of the players themselves.

One of the most important things to understand when wanting to bet on the NFL draft is that line movement can go all over the place. With trades being made even while teams are on the clock to make the next selection, unpredictability is something fans should definitely be counting on as a major factor for their betting experience.

With this said, here’s what I feel is the most important tip before jumping into the world of NFL draft betting. The draft is all about numbers, stats, rankings and scouting reports. Experts advice is usually what matters most, which is why knowledge is power here.

Yes, repeat after me, knowledge is power!

Making the rounds through all NFL news sites covering the draft is of the utmost importance.

It doesn’t matter if you go through an endless array of NFL mock drafts before the event.

Believe me when I tell you that, when it comes to making your selections of players to bet on, all that time invested in researching and collecting much needed data will pay off.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to reading up on all draft-related NFL rumors.


So, What Can Fans Bet On for the NFL Draft?

Now that you know the basics, let’s get into what really matters: betting options. When wanting to make money wagering on the NFL Draft, prop betting is the way to go here as there’s no real action or point spread to be checking.

To make the experience that much easier, here’s a list of the top betting options for the 2024 NFL draft:


• Over/Under Bets

Just like betting on the point total in a game, the same can be done when wagering on the draft. All there is to it is betting on the amount of players per position that will be picked in the first round, any later rounds or in general in the draft.


• First Overall Pick

It’s as simple as it sounds. You basically bet on whoever your NFL pick to go first in the draft will be. For this year’s draft, former USC quarterback Caleb Williams looks like a shoo-in for the No. 1 overall pick of the event at -900 odds. He is -1000 to be the first quarterback selected.


• Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Overall Pick

Again, it’s as simple as it sounds. Based on your previous and hopefully thorough research, making a slew of NFL expert picks for which player will go second, third, fourth, fifth, etc., could bring in some big bucks to your betting account.

With Williams sitting as a lock for first overall pick, players like North Carolina QB Drake Maye, Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr., LSU QB Jayden Daniels and Washington QB Michael Penix Jr. could easily comprise the next four picks in the draft.


• Position of First Pick

Quarterback usually takes the cake as the position most likely to be picked at No.1 in nearly every year’s draft. Considering most teams picking first year in and year out usually find themselves in the hunt for a franchise passer, it makes it a very easy pick to predict.

With various teams looking for a new passer, and this year’s draft class stacked to the brim with very good QBs, betting on the first pick of the draft being a passer is a very easy bet to back.


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Five NFL Draft Betting Tips To Live By

Now that we’ve covered most ins and outs of how to bet on the NFL Draft, all that’s left is talking about the best betting tips to make bank.


1. Bet Early

Let’s say you’re an Alabama, Michigan or Notre Dame fan. You know everything there is to know football-related about those powerhouse schools and which programs produce the most notable draft recruits.

If you have a gut feeling or hunch that any player or players will surely go early in the draft, then hitting the early NFL Draft odds and placing a couple of bets while the lines are softer and more profitable could end up paying huge dividends in the end.


2. Keep Some Last-Minute Picks Up Your Sleeve

While betting early to take advantage of initial odds usually pays off very well, keeping a couple of last-minute picks to work with a day or two before the draft could also land you huge profits. Usually, a couple of days before the draft, leaks of what teams are planning to do start popping up everywhere, giving NFL betting lines fans a small window of opportunity to get in a couple of strong late picks to go for gold.

The key here is keeping on top of all news and rumors, as previously mentioned, and making sure you can beat your sportsbook to the chase before the odds are officially pulled off the board.


3. Knowledge is Power

I explained it above and will repeat it here again. Knowing and understanding what all teams need heading into the draft, by keeping a key eye and ear on all news and rumors floating around can lead you to have a winning draft betting plan.


4. Make a Betting Budget

Betting on any kind of sports spectacle is fun, very fun, but should also be taken with full seriousness. Making sure you come up with a workable budget, where potential losses can be accounted for without breaking the bank is a must.

Just because there’s a chance to make money, that doesn’t mean you should be left without any money while trying.

Explore the excitement of NFL draft betting odds and Vegas odds NFL draft – your winning play awaits!

5. Have Fun

At the end of the day, betting is a hobby, one that can lead you to great results. So instead of losing your peace, just have fun. It will make your experience that much better.



Questions Of The Day


When is The 2024 NFL Draft?

The 2024 NFL draft is slated to start on April 25 and will run until the 27 in Detroit.

Which Player has the Best Odds To Be Selected No. 1 Overall In This Year’s Draft?

According to BetUS sportsbook, USC quarterback Caleb Williams has the best odds to be picked first overall in this year’s NFL Draft.

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