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Class Dismissed! Top 3 Worst NFL Draft Classes of all Time

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be considered the worst NFL draft class of all time? Seriously, with so many college football players bidding at the chance to make it in the pros, what combination of bad results and overall bad luck could lead to having a draft class deemed by experts as one of the worst ever?

While some, like the 1983 draft class, are considered by fans as the best ever, here we bring you the three worst draft classes of all time.

Class Dismissed! Top 3 Worst NFL Draft Classes of all Time
Paul Tagliabue and Reggie Bush of USC | Chris Trotman / Getty Images via AFP

1. 1992 Draft Class

Ask any football historian, or NFL news buff, about the 1992 draft and the chances of them bashing that year’s class is very, very high. Even if it didn’t have the worst NFL draft picks of all time, that honor goes to drafts later in time, 1992 was bad.

How bad?

With no Hall Of Famers coming out of said class, and the general level of talent being well below what’s expected of the event, there’s seriously nothing good to remember about ’92.

Besides Desmond Howard, Troy Vincent, Jimmy Smith, Darren Woodson, Robert Jones and Robert Porcher, there’s seriously nothing worth remembering about this draft, besides the fact the Indianapolis Colts had the first two picks of the draft, and that the two quarterbacks selected in the first round would go on to pass for more interceptions than touchdowns in their pro careers.

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2. 2006 Draft Class

If we go back in time and remember the 2006 Rose Bowl game between the USC Trojans and Texas Longhorns, it’s easy to understand why that year’s NFL Draft was so hyped up.

On the one hand, you had Vince Young, Texas’ quarterback and Longhorns legend. He was deemed by NFL predictions experts as one of the most pro-ready prospects at the passer position and a player deemed to have a very illustrious future in the league.

And what about USC’S Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush? Two of the most important Trojans players in the 21st century and both Heisman Trophy winners – at least in principle considering Bush’s later legal issues that led the NCAA to take away his award.

With defensive end Mario Williams being selected by the Houston Texans with the first overall pick, the rest of that year’s draft class would go on to become one of the most lackluster in recent times.

Yes, there were players like Andrew Whitworth, Jahri Evans, Haloti Ngata, DeAngello Williams, Maurice Jones-Drew, Brandon Marshall, Marques Colston and Elvis Dumervil who would go on to have good careers in the pros. But who are we kidding, this draft class has as much flash as a busted-up light bulb.

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3. 2013 Draft Class

I was honestly debating on picking this draft class or the 2009 class, but ’09 at least had Matthew Stafford, LeSean McCoy, Percy Harvin, Mark Sanchez and Mike Wallace. As for 2013? Well, besides Eric Fisher, that year’s No.1 overall pick, and Lane Johnson, a Super Bowl champion with the Philadelphia Eagles late in his career, the class doesn’t really have any other players to brag about, at least in its first round.

Sure, DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, David Bakhtiari and Xavier Rhodes were all part of this class. But four players, especially those four players, don’t have enough claim to try and salvage anything for this class.

If you still have any doubts, consider this. In an event where quarterbacks usually take center stage, the first passer picked that year was E.J. Manuel by the Buffalo Bills at No. 16 overall. After five years in the pros where he did close to nothing, Manuel was out of football.

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Questions Of The Day

Which Player Stands As The Worst NFL Draft Pick Of All Time?

JaMarcus Russell, quarterback out of LSU and drafted first overall by the Oakland Raiders in 2007, stands to this day as the worst NFL draft pick of all time.

What Is Considered As The Best Draft Class In History?

The 1983 NFL draft class is considered by many as the best ever because of the amount of talent and future Hall Of Famers that came out of it.

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