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Gatorading and Abetting Your Super Bowl 58 Bankroll

What a world in which we can go online and place bets on what flavor of juice will be poured onto a grown man at the end of a football game. The tradition may be silly, but I love any chance to make a buck, and BetUS Sportsbook offers props on the Super Bowl winner’s Gatorade bath

As an avid fan of Gatorade myself, perhaps even a connoisseur, I am qualified to make some predictions on Super Bowl props

Gatorading and Abetting Your Super Bowl 58 Bankroll
head coach Bruce Arians of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receives a Gatorade shower afer winning Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs | Patrick Smith/Getty Images/AFP

Let me take a quick sip of my ice-cold Berry Blue electrolyte juice here, and we can dive right into the NFL betting market for exotic props and how to bet on the Super Bowl’s Gatorade bath tradition. 

A Quick History of Gatorade Baths in Sports

The Super Bowl Gatorade shower, a quirky tradition transcending the realm of football, traces its origins back to 1984. This playful ritual started with the New York Giants players dousing head coach Bill Parcells with Gatorade following a significant victory. The act gained national attention during their Super Bowl triumph in 1987, marking a memorable moment on national TV.

Wagering on the color of the Gatorade shower has become a beloved aspect of Super Bowl betting culture since the 1990s, adding to the variety of Super Bowl prop bets. Eager bettors often go to great lengths to predict the color, including reaching out to players on social media platforms like Instagram to inquire about their preferred Gatorade flavor. 

To aid in forecasting the color choice for Super Bowl LVIII betting, let’s delve into some historical data and trends.

Orange has been the preferred choice for the victory Gatorade shower since 2001, making up 21.7% of occurrences. It’s closely followed by clear/water and blue, at 17.4%. 

Despite purple being pegged as the current top pick by our sportsbook, it has only appeared in 13% of post-game celebrations, the same percentage as yellow. It’s also gross, as are most grape-flavored things. 

Interestingly, red has yet to emerge as the chosen color for the shower, and there have been instances where no Gatorade shower occurred. 

Analysis of Gatorade Betting for Super Bowl 58


Color of Sports Drink Poured on Winning Coach Odds

  • Purple +200 
  • Blue +250 
  • Lime/Green/Yellow +300 
  • Red +300 
  • Orange +400 
  • Clear/Water +900 
  • No Liquid To Be Poured On Winning Coach +2000



Betting history on anything related to a football game will only get you so far. This goes double for an exotic prop like the Gatorade bath. 

I prefer to bet logically, so my expert Super Bowl pick is on Red at +300. Despite being one of the worst old-school flavors, Red gets my vote because both teams have red as their primary uniform color, and it offers mid-range value on the prop odds board. 



Questions Of The Day

Are there other bets I can make on Gatorade props?

Yes. You can wager on the position of the player who pours the tub over the coach’s head. The NFL odds list the offense at -110, the defense at +150, and a combination of both at +350. You can also wager on whether the pour will happen before (-190) or after (+140) the end of the game. 

What color of Gatorade has been the most popular this decade?

Blue has been used four times in the last ten years, which leads to all other colors.

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