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Hey Tom, Aaron, It Might Be Time to Think About Moving On

One of the hardest things that sports fans have to experience is seeing their favorite athletes start their decline from stardom to mere mortality. Sometimes accepting that the time to move on to other endeavors is starting to peak over the horizon is one of the harshest experiences.

In a sport like pro football, knowing when to call it a career is one of the toughest nuts to crack, especially when it comes to the QB position. If you jump into any NFL news platform, it doesn’t take long to see that this sport can be as endearing as it can be humbling too. Take Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers this season for example.

Hey Tom, Aaron, It Might Be Time to Think About Moving On
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If you were to do a run-through of Brady’s and Rodgers’ careers respectively, it would take a second, if not less to see why they are considered two of the best QBs to play. But this season, and with both passers and their teams flunking, the spotlight is beginning to shine not on their accolades, but on their refusal to see that maybe, just maybe, it might be time to call it a day.

With the way their year is going, is there another postseason and Super Bowl run left Is it in them to pick up the slack and try to make something out of their season, even if it’s just to save face?

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For Brady, There’s Nothing Left To Prove

Hey Tom, Aaron, It Might Be Time to Think About Moving On
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Seeing Brady and his back-and-forth pondering on retirement is reminiscent of Michael Jordan with the Wizards. The only difference is that Brady won a championship already and has a good team to back him up, while MJ had the Wizards. If there was any player in the history of professional football who can say that they have nothing left to prove, it’s Tampa’s QB.

When you speak of NFL excellence, Brady’s name will always come first in every list or conversation. That in itself is exactly why, coming from a place of maturity and rationality, it’s safe to say that Brady’s era in the NFL is pretty much done and over with.

Brady’s decision to come back for another season felt anything but natural. Why? Because it wasn’t.

It’s not like anybody was going to berate him for not suiting up for one more year. The only thing would be for him to want to try and win a game all by himself, playing all positions on the field while calling the shots on the sidelines. But at the end of the day, we all know one thing, he doesn’t have to prove anything else to anybody.

In the last couple of Buccaneers games, Brady and his offense have looked appalling. His offensive line is offering little to no protection. His receiver corps looks like it has up on the idea of playing with the GOAT. But what’s worst out of everything is how Brady’s skills, both as a passer and as a leader for his team looked diminished and sad at times.

Against the Panthers, a team that has gone through the NFL’s version of a Punk’d episode this season, Brady’s passes were lacking whatever magic they once had. Above all, instead of acting as a motivator for his offense, he looked like one of those people who peaked but are not ready to let go of their fading or already faded status.

As the season continues, with games against the Ravens, Rams, 49ers, and Bengals still on Tampa’s schedule, the hopes of a Bucs comeback can not be excluded from the conversation. Yet, when considering what we’ve seen, somebody should tell the GOAT that knowing when to stand down is as much of a triumph as winning itself.

Will Somebody Please Tell Rodgers He Can’t Do It All?

Hey Tom, Aaron, It Might Be Time to Think About Moving On
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While Brady is seen as the GOAT of pro football, Rodgers should be considered like the GI Joe of the sport. With Green Bay’s QB, there is a clear understanding that if football was a war, this is a man with whom you would want to go into battle.

Whoever has seen Rodgers play can agree on the fact that this is a player that embodies the kind of action that highlight-reel plays are about. For example, name a better Hail Mary passer in the league. Or name a player that can lead their team on a comeback better than him. There might be some options, but at the end of the day, none are as good as Rodgers.

This season now, without Davante Adams, his favorite receiver, and with a Packers offense that looks nothing like players up to Rodgers’ level, it’s become apparent that this might be too much for Green Bay’s QB to try and lift. But this isn’t something that just happened out of the blue. This is a problem that has been brewing for some time now.

The Packers have done little to no work to try and give Rodgers fresher or more established options. Instead, it looks like Green Bay continues to live off the idea that its QB can do everything, which he obviously can’t, at least not anymore.

This is not the treatment a player of Rodgers’ caliber deserves, but at the same time, this is also not a situation that any player of his pedigree should have to deal with. What more is it going to take for the Packers and their QB to understand that it’s time to start turning the lights down low and bringing the music down?

Against the Jets and Commanders, both losses for Green Bay, Rodgers, and his offensive line took quite the beating. It’s in games like these, against opponents that should’ve been a cakewalk for Green Bay where time for maturity and responsibility needs to come into play.

Seeing Rodgers get pummeled, all while continuing to ask himself what was wrong or what else he could do is not a sight any football fan should have to watch. Rodgers is an amazing athlete, but he’s not invincible and above all, he can’t continue to act like he can do it all for his team.

Green Bay has Buffalo coming next, followed by games against the Cowboys, Eagles, Rams, Dolphins, and Vikings amongst others to close out the season. Even if Rodgers was able to stage one of those epic comebacks of his, it might be too little too late, helping to prove that stepping away is also a winner’s move sometimes.

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