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Is Denver Ready for a Dose of MNF Electricity Against the Chargers?

Oh man, it’s been a tough season for the Denver Broncos. Their offense is in shambles. Russell Wilson hasn’t delivered in any way, shape, or form. Their in-game coaching decisions are something worth studying, but in a course to understand what not to do if winning games is your objective in life. The Broncos are the personification of shooting yourself in the foot before running a marathon.

As Denver gets ready to close out Week 6 with a Monday Night Football division clash against the Chargers in LA, what awaits the Broncos in SoFi Stadium? Is this the week Wilson picks up the slack? Will the Chargers use this game as a way to score a statement win to put the AFC on notice that they can hang against one of the best defenses around?

Is Denver Ready for a Dose of MNF Electricity Against the Chargers?
Russell Wilson #3 of the Denver Broncos - Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP

Let’s break down this AFC West MNF showdown.

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Denver’s Defense Will Once Again Need To Carry the Team

Denver’s offense is a joke, and the worst part is it’s not funny. It’s one of those jokes that end up making people cringe instead of laughing. If by now the Broncos haven’t realized that mortgaging their future to get Wilson as their franchise QB was one of the worst moves they’ve made in years, then maybe it’s that they haven’t lost enough yet.

When you look at the numbers this unit has put up, sad is an understatement. The Broncos are dead last in total points scored per game, with there only being one matchup in which they broke the 20-point barrier when they lost against the Raiders in Week 4.

Both their rushing and passing attacks are “meh. Now, as they get ready to face one of the worst scoring defenses in the league, LA’s, could this be the game in which Denver’s ‘O’ finally gets its act straight and gets going?

Against a Chargers defense that has suffered greatly in their pass rush unit, Wilson should be looking at this game as a perfect opportunity to play more freely in the pocket. Without Joey Bosa, LA’s pass rush defense has gone from elite to being there.

If Wilson can get to moving the ball down the field effectively, with short passes to avoid LA’s secondary, the Broncos could be looking at an opportunity to inflict some damage on the Chargers.

On defense, it will be up to Denver’s best unit to try and contain Justin Herbert and LA’s offense. Denver’s defense against the pass has continuously shined, only allowing 176.6 yards per game. What does this show?

Against an offense where passing is the bread and butter, pressuring Herbert into getting rid of the ball as fast as possible or not allowing him to move with such liberties in his pocket could end up paying considerably.

LA Cannot Underestimate the Broncos

Is Denver Ready for a Dose of MNF Electricity Against the Chargers?
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images/AFP

Sure, the Broncos have been anything but stellar, but that should not lead the Chargers into thinking that this will be another walk-in-the-park game at home. Yes, LA can put points on the board, especially when Herbert is healthy and in his groove. But that does not mean that the Chargers should take the Broncos for granted.

On offense, LA’s O-line will be the key to scoring a win. Protecting Herbert and LA’s running attack to be able to obtain big yardage gains in each down will be of the essence. Denver’s defense will be looking to put LA’s QB and rushers through the wringer, making it a point to lock up their attack as much as possible, which is why LA will need to think of new ways to get through this defense.

Defensively, the smartest thing for the Chargers to do is to look at what Denver’s prior opponents have done to keep this offense on lock. Pressuring Wilson into making mistakes and losing yards will be of the essence. Considering that Denver’s QB is nowhere close to playing at a level he could be regarded as dangerous, neutralizing him as fast as possible could be the fastest and easiest way to score an easy win at home.

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Will The Chargers Cruise to a Win on MNF?

From everywhere you look at this matchup, it has “Chargers win” written all over. LA’s offense is much better prepared to play on prime-time TV, and even with their defense allowing 27.2 points per game, the Broncos don’t have it in them to score that many points.

Expect a win for the Chargers here as Wilson and his Broncos continue on their way toward becoming the NFL’s newest joke.

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