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Live Betting Guide: What NFL Picks to Target in Week 2

The early weeks of the NFL season are a precarious time for live NFL betting fans. So many teams are dealing with new systems, coaches, players, or even stadiums that it’s hard to predict what will happen using stats and trends from the previous season.

NFL Week 1 taught us some lessons, but I was left with more questions than answers.

Live Betting Guide: What NFL Picks to Target in Week 2
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Are the Dallas Cowboys as good as their SNF win suggests, or are the New Your Giants just that bad? Are the Kansas City Chiefs a good team without a healthy Travis Kelce? Will my fantasy football team recover from drafting J.K. Dobbins and Jerry Jeudy?

We can’t answer those queries today, but we can use some of what happened on Thursday and Sunday to make NFL predictions on live bets to target in NFL Week 2.

Totals Betting When Chiefs Lead vs Jaguars

While I can’t predict the NFL odds during Sunday’s Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars game, there are reasons to watch the score and live betting lines.

While it would be easy to overlook what happened to the Chiefs in Week 1, there are lessons to take away from their 21-20 loss to the Detroit Lions that we can use to bet online. For one thing, the Chiefs’ offense cannot just shrug off the loss of Kelce.

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Kelce must take the field in Week 2 if the Chiefs want to avoid an embarrassing 0-2 record to start the NFL season. If Kelce does miss Week 2, I would rethink this NFL bet. But I suspect Patrick Mahomes’ favorite target will start in Jacksonville, come hell or high water.

Assuming he plays, I like the idea of betting the over when the Chiefs are ahead in this game. Assuming they take the lead at some point, I don’t expect them to let it slip away like they did against the Lions.

The Chiefs’ offense went silent in the second half against Detroit after taking a 14-7 lead into the break. The defense allowed the Lions to score two touchdowns in the second half to win.

Two things here. I don’t expect the Chiefs’ offense to sputter out like they did in Week 1, but I do worry about their defense after struggling to contain a mediocre Lions’ offense. Also, I think the Chiefs let loose on offense after such a disappointing loss on their home turf on Thursday night.

The Jaguars and Chiefs allowed 14 second-half points to their opponents this past weekend. Both were also involved in comeback finishes, but the Jaguars won. Trevor Lawrence looked great, and the Jags’ offense will help us cash tickets on the live total here.

If the Chiefs take the lead, they are going to stomp down on the gas and try to blow the doors off Jacksonville. If that happens, the Jaguars will have to try and keep up. With a solid offense of their own, live NFL lines for the total are begging to be bet Over.

Checking the Vegas NFL odds before placing your bets is always a smart move for informed decisions.

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