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NFL Combine: Quick Betting Tips for 40-Yard Dash

Even for expert draft analysts, predicting top performers at the NFL Scouting Combine is a challenge. But here we are, ready to dig into the latest crop of up-and-comers based on current NFL betting odds at BetUS Sportsbook for Thursday’s combine.


NFL Combine: Quick Betting Tips for 40-Yard Dash
Jake Andrews of Troy | Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP

The good news is there is sufficient data to analyze typical performances in each combine drill based on size, position and prior workouts. The strategy for placing bets on these drills involves identifying year-to-year trends and this year’s outliers.

In preparing for this year’s combine starting Thursday, I’ve evaluated the odds for the 40-yard dash drill and identified the best NFL bets.


40-Yard Dash Odds and Notable Times

The 40-yard dash, while not necessarily a good indicator of success in the NFL, has become the most popular event at the combine. It’s undoubtedly the most exciting and has become a popular event to bet online.

The NFL odds for 2024 list the over/under (O/U) at 4.27 seconds for the fastest 40 at the combine. John Ross set the Combine record for this event in 2017 when he ripped off a 4.22 and broke Chris Johnsons’ record of 4.24. However, in doing so, Ross tore his labrum and had surgery the next day to repair it.

The unofficial world record is held by Olympic sprinter Christian Coleman, who torched the 40-yard dash in 4.12 seconds last year.

My favorite attempt at the record was in 2019, when Usain Bolt tied the NFL record of 4.22 seconds. Surprisingly “slow” for the world’s fastest man. However, Bolt wore sneakers and long pants when he accomplished that feat. He was also retired and not training regularly. In spikes and shorts, Bolt would probably go faster than 4.12.


Betting on the 40-Yard Dash

The Vegas betting odds for Ross’ record to be broken are +350, and while records are made to be broken, even at these long odds, I believe it’s not worth a bet online. If a player ties Ross at 4.22, the bet will push and you will regain your stake.

If you don’t want the high-risk/high-reward wager on the record, you can instead wager on the O/U at 4.27 seconds. I see some prognosticators recommending the  Over because only six players have run a 4.27 or better since they ditched stopwatches and started using electric timers. But three of those six instances happened in the previous two years, which might be a sign that, on average, guys are getting faster.

Historic trends say the Over is the right bet, but recent results contradict those trends, and I prefer to bet on stats from 2022 and 2023.



Questions Of The Day

How can I watch the NFL Combine?

Starting Thursday afternoon, you can watch the NFL Combine live on the NFL Network with defensive linemen and linebackers.

What events have odds at the Combine?

You can bet on the 3-cone-drill, vertical jump, broad jump, bench press, 60-yard shuttlecock, and 20-yard shuttle.

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