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NFL Week 1 Bad Beats: Over Backers Get Stiffed

It might have had something to do with the weather, but backing the over was especially painful with NFL Week 1 lines.

There were, of course, plenty of overs to hit, but some overs should have hit comfortably. Instead, bettors were left to tear up their sportsbook tickets on the first Sunday of the season.

NFL Week 1 Bad Beats: Over Backers Get Stiffed
Matthew Stafford #9 of the Los Angeles Rams-Steph Chambers/Getty Images/AFP

Steelers Go Missing in Second Half

After 27 points were scored in the first half of the San Francisco 49ers vs. Pittsburgh game, it looked as though Over 41½ was going to cruise home.

However, the woeful Steelers offense had something to say about that. Despite the NFL odds looking secure for over backers, scored a bagel in the second half.

Making matters worse, their defense allowed only 10 points, so it was the worst of both worlds for bettors who thought it was a sure thing after 30 minutes.

It wasn’t such a stressful game for the 49ers’ bettors. The 49ers were only -1½ favorites, an overly generous line from our betting online market. However, for those on the over, it’s best to turn the page.

Seahawks Failing to Fly

The Seattle Seahawks clearly got the memo from the Steelers earlier in the day.

Despite our high expectations of the Seahawks in 2023, they were terrible against the Los Angeles Rams, who won 30-13, largely thanks to a hapless second half.

Bettors on the Seahawks felt comfortable at halftime when leading 13-7 as -4½ favorites, but the second half was something straight out of a horror film.

Seattle failed to score a point, which saw the under 44½ miss by only 1½ points. It was another cruel blow for over-bettors, especially because the Rams did everything in their power to see you through.

Vegas NFL odds set a high line for a game in Seattle, but if we said the Rams would score 30 points, we would mortgage our house and back the over.

Losing two offensive tackles didn’t help their situation.

“Charles (Cross) got a sprained big toe and the X-rays didn’t look bad,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “He felt something, so we had to look at him.

“Abe’s (Abraham Lucas) knee acted up on him again. He doesn’t have a knee injury. It’s the same knee we rested him on during camp, and it just got really sore during the game and he couldn’t fire the way he needed to, and so we had to get him out of there.”

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Not So Giant

The New York Giants are not living up to their name, and we can’t remember the last time they did.

After a promising start to the game, it quickly turned south for the Giants, who suffered a humiliating 40-0 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

NFL betting odds had the Cowboys favored to win, so no surprise there, but it was yet another tough loss for over backers. The line was 44½, and with the Cowboys scoring 40 points, it should have been enough.

However, the Giants went 60 minutes in the rain without scoring a solitary point, and it’s depressing.

Along with the Cincinnati Bengals‘ performance against the Cleveland Browns, it ranks as the worst opening-week loss.

We feel bad for bettors who put their faith in the Giants. Teams that struggle to win often continue to struggle, and no amount of pre-season enthusiasm can change that.

But, as always, bettors have time to make adjustments as the season rolls on, so hopefully there aren’t as many bad beats for over-bettors in NFL Week 2.

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