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Odds to Win Super Bowl 59: No Clear Betting Option in AFC South

The AFC South is a division with four teams in varying rebuilding stages. There are some things to get excited about, with CJ Stroud winning Rookie of the Year, Trevor Lawrence getting better slowly but surely, and both the Colts and Titans featuring some young, exciting talent.

Despite some exciting players, there is little NFL betting value to be found on Super Bowl futures in the weakest division.

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1. Houston Texans

The Houston Texans exceeded expectations last season with rookie QB CJ Stroud putting together a phenomenal campaign. The Texans finished 10-7, won the AFC South, and won their Wild Card matchup against the Cleveland Browns.

With all their success and a legitimate franchise quarterback, you might think their Super Bowl odds should be better than +2500. But here’s the thing: this team will look much different in 2024.

The Texans will look different because they lead the NFL with 30 players heading to free agency. All 30 spent time on the main roster, and eight played at least 10 games.

If Nick Caserio and DeMeco Ryan do a good job building out this team, the +2500 Vegas betting odds could be a steal. But, if things go wrong, the Texans could step back in the AFC South.

  • Houston Texans Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +2500

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

The most significant move the Jaguars will likely make this offseason is signing or tagging pass-rusher extraordinaire Josh Allen. But, other than securing that major defensive piece, the Jaguars need to give Trevor Lawrence help on the offense. With another disappointing season, time is running out for Lawrence and the Jaguars to prove he can lead a franchise to the promised land.

The Jaguars’ most glaring issue on offense continues to be their lack of any rushing attack. Some blame falls on the OL, as the Jaguars had the fourth-worst rush block rate when ball carriers tried to split the guards. They also tallied the second-most rushes that had zero or negative yards.

I want the Jaguars to turn things around and make a playoff run, but reason says they will probably struggle to move the ball consistently again in 2024.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +3000

3. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are an intriguing NFL pick to win the AFC South, as they came one win short of the crown last year. Considering their starting QB Anthony Richardson went down in Week 4 and Gardner Minshew took over, there is room to grow.

Richardson wasn’t playing great, but he was showing signs of brilliance here and there, and if his health and mental drive held up, he could develop into a solid starter.

We could be discussing the Colts’ NFL playoffs schedule in the fall if they can fill a few key weaknesses and re-sign some free agents like Michael Pittman Jr. and Kenny Moore.

  • Indianapolis Colts Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +5000

4. Tennessee Titans

I used most of my word quota talking about the Texans and Jaguars, so I don’t have much wiggle room to discuss the Titans. But this is not a 2024 preview. It is a Super Bowl betting preview, and the Titans are years away from being a consideration.

The Titans’ defense was total garbage, and while I expect them to address some holes in free agency, there is only so much they can do to improve before the 2024 season kicks off. I can’t recommend any bet online in favor of the Titans improving much, if at all.

  • Tennessee Titans Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +10000



Questions of the Day

Which team is the favorite to win Super Bowl 59?

According to BetUS Sportsbook, the San Francisco 49ers are the favorites to win Super Bowl 59 at +550 odds, while the Kansas City Chiefs are second to win their third title in a row.

Are any AFC South teams worth a small NFL bet to win Super Bowl 59?

If the Texans’ rebuild goes perfectly, and Stroud develops further along with the rest of their young talent, Houston is worth a look and a light wager on their Super Bowl 59 futures. But keep your wagers modest, and don’t bet the farm on this longshot.

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