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Ranking The NFL Teams With The Easiest and Toughest Strength Of Schedule for 2022

While the 2022 NFL season is still some time ahead, it’s never too late to talk about what the upcoming season will bring to some of the most important teams in the league. While NFL Super Bowl odds experts all around are already hard at work trying to decipher what the 2022 NFL picks season will have for us football fans, we at least already got a glimpse at what some of our favorite teams will have to deal with once Week 1 of the season comes around.

After the 2021 season was over this upcoming season’s NFL SOS (Strength of Schedule) was released for all 30 teams in the league once it was known who each team would be facing. The strength of schedule is a process in which each team’s list of future opponents is compared considering each squads’ record for the previous season to measure just how tough or easy the upcoming schedule will be. Of course, when push comes to shove, all that matters for Super bowl lines fans is which team comes out and delivers better performance on the field in any given matchup, but don’t dismiss the importance that the NFL’s SOS can bring to the table.

Ranking The NFL Teams With The Easiest and Toughest Strength Of Schedule for 2022. Dak Prescott

With all this said and with as much excitement as any true and proud NFL fan has when thinking about the upcoming NFL season, let’s talk football and let Bet on Super Bowl, and get down to ranking the NFL teams with the easiest and toughest SOS for 2022.

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Easiest SOS for 2022

  • Dallas Cowboys

We know, with the Dallas Cowboys it’s one of those who love them or hate them with the same amount of passion scenarios, there’s no in between. But at least, when talking about their SOS for the 2022 season, Dak Prescott’s Cowboys actually fared very well, obtaining what appears to be the easiest SOS for the upcoming NFL season. This, of course, has Vegas NFL Odds makers already putting Dallas in a very good position, given that their only real threats as of now will be facing the Bengals, Buccaneers, and Colts at home while having to visit the Rams, Packers, and Titans.

Don’t worry, we know we didn’t mention any of their NFC East rivals, but in all honesty, would you? Yeah, we didn’t think so either, but since we mentioned the division, up next on our list are the Philadelphia Eagles.

Dallas Cowboys Profile

  • Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles look more than ready to make this season their best so far, with high hopes hyping up the team and especially QB Jalen Hurts. With the addition of WR AJ Brown alongside 2nd year receiver Devonta Smith, the Eagles could be looking at trying to make a run in the NFC East, where surely their biggest threat will be the aforementioned Cowboys. Asides from that though, Philadelphia’s matchups read as easy ever for this team with their only real threats being home games against Dallas, Green Bay, and Tennessee, while the toughest road games will be against Arizona, Dallas, and Indianapolis

Philadelphia Eagles Profile

  • Indianapolis Colts

Is it just us, or is Matt Ryan’s arrival to an already stacked Colts team just giving off all the right vibes? Well, if Matt Ryan was looking for a redemption story like Matthew Stafford’s one with the Rams, he definitely went to the right place in Indianapolis. With a home schedule that only has visits from the Chiefs, Chargers, and Titans as the biggest threats and road trips to Dallas, Denver, and Las Vegas as the toughest tests ahead, it will be on Ryan’s leadership skills to see how much he can do with a team as good as the Colts will be this upcoming season.

Indianapolis Colts Profile

  • Tennessee Titans

Yes, AJ Brown is gone, but you know who is coming back and with a true taste of revenge brewing, Derrick Henry. Henry was on pace to break every single rushing record last season until he was sidelined by an injury. But now, he’s back and he wants all the hype and all the pop on him. Henry and the Titans will surely have a field day this season with their only true tests at home being against Denver, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Dallas, while on the road they’ll face the Packers, Chiefs, Chargers, and Bills.

Yes, it doesn’t sound as easy right now, but if Henry gets the ball, who seriously will be able to stop him?

Tennessee Titans Profile

  • Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers. That’s it, all we have to say for NFL lines experts to know is that the Packers once again mean business this season. Back again for yet another season in Green Bay, Rodgers will be gunning to once again lead his Packers team to the top of the NFC standings, and with a home schedule that has visits from the Rams, Cowboys, and Titans as their toughest tests and visits to Buffalo, Tampa Bay, and Philadelphia, it must feel pretty good to be Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, even without Davante Adams.

Green Bay Packers Profile

Toughest SOS for 2022

  • Los Angeles Rams

Nobody ever said being the defending champion of any sports league was an easy task to be had, and the Rams will surely have to put on their best face and beast mode mentality in this upcoming season, especially after landing the toughest strength of schedule of all the league for 2022. Games at home against Arizona, Dallas, Buffalo, Denver, San Francisco, and Las Vegas and road games against Green Bay, Kansas City, the LA Chargers, Tampa Bay Arizona, and San Francisco read like a who’s who of teams nobody would want to face, especially if the mission to try and repeat as Super Bowl LXVII odds champions is a thing.

Los Angeles Rams Profile

  • Arizona Cardinals

Two things that the Cardinals have really tough, are their offense and their strength of schedule. Their offense is stacked to the brim with talent, but their SOS is also stacked with the toughest opponents in the league. Having to face teams like the Rams, Buccaneers, Chiefs, Chargers, Niners, and Eagles, and visits to LA to face the Rams, San Francisco, Denver, and Las Vegas make up for one grueling schedule.

Arizona Cardinals Profile

  • Cincinnati Bengals

Whoever wasn’t a fan of what the Bengals did last season surely doesn’t have a heart when it comes to football. But that was last season and this here is all about the 2022 season. Joe Burrow and company will surely be looking to kill it once again in the AFC but having to face the Bills, Chiefs, Steelers, and Ravens at home and Dallas, Tampa Bay, Tennessee, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore on the road will surely put their status to the test to see if they can really hang with the big dogs or if they were a one-hit wonder kind of team.

Cincinnati Bengals Profile

    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady is back for another season! But who really, really thought he was going to retire? Honestly? Well, now that he is coming back for yet another season, automatically making the Bucs a candidate to go for it all once again, Tampa Bay will have to deal with one of the toughest SOS in the season, with home games against Green Bay, Kansas City, LA Rams, Cincinnati and Baltimore and visits to Arizona, San Francisco, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Dallas all looking like some of the toughest matchups around for any team this season.

But hey, this is Tom Brady’s team we’re talking about here. He could play with a team full of crash-test dummies, pass for over 5,000 yards and still make it to the playoffs probably.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Profile

  • Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes and company don’t want teams like the Bills, Chargers, Broncos, and Bengals to get any ideas in the AFC as to who the favorites for the conference title is, but if they want to walk the walk, they’ll definitely have to walk the walk, run the run, fly, swim, dig, and everything else in order to get out of such a tough SOS for 2022. Home games against Denver, Las Vegas, and the Chargers, all divisional rivals, plus Tennessee, Buffalo, and the LA Rams will surely put Mahomes and his team to the highest of tests.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, visits to again, their divisional rivals Denver, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles Chargers as well as trips to Indianapolis, Arizona, San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Tampa Bay make for one heck of a schedule. But hey, at least there’s health and fortune for everyone, right?

Kansas City Chiefs Profile

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