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Square Dancing: What Are the Best Numbers in Box Games?

The Super Bowl is a captivating event with its glitz and glamour. Even non-sports fans enjoy the event with its halftime show and commercials. Super Bowl parties have become a tradition with each attempting to outdo the other. The parties will be bigger than ever for the much-anticipated matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, who are 1½ points per Super Bowl odds.

Over the years, box games have grown in popularity at Super Bowl parties. This is a fun wager that is great for amateurs to professionals. It requires little to no knowledge and leaves it up to pure chance. Let’s look at how box games work and what the best numbers are.

Square Dancing: What Are the Best Numbers in Box Games?
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The Name of the Game

Before going over the best numbers for box games, let’s dig into the rules. Someone will have a 10×10 grid with 100 squares, and each row or column is assigned a number 0-9. Each axis on the grid is assigned to a team. For example, the y-axis could be the Chiefs while the x-axis is the Eagles. With 100 squares available, each box is purchased with a dollar amount. The more boxes you buy, the higher your chance to win.

The goal of the game is to have the same numbers as the teams’ point total. At the end of each quarter or half, whoever has the corresponding numbers will win a prize, with the profits increasing as the game progresses. The correct numbers for the final score will usually have a better prize than the first quarter.

Box games go by the last digit of the scores. For example, it could be Eagles 17, Chiefs 13 at halftime, which Super Bowl lines have at +6500. Whoever has seven for the Eagles and three for the Chiefs would win. The same rule applies to the end of each quarter or half.

As mentioned, box games are truly a game of chance. No in-depth knowledge is required, which allows everyone to enjoy the game. You buy a box, are assigned random numbers and hope they yield a prize.

Now that box games are explained, let’s look at the most promising numbers.

Coveted Digits

Zero, one, three, four and seven are typically the most valued numbers. If teams consistently score three or seven points, typically the last digit will be one of the five.

In the last five Super Bowls, zero and three were constant winners. Going by quarters, zero hit 12 times and three 13 times. The next best was one at five times. Seven hit only three times and four did not win once. Five and eight also did not appear in one score over the last five Super Bowls. You’ve got a great chance if you pull a zero and three for Super Bowl 57.

In the Chiefs’ two postseason games, zero hit seven times, three appeared four times and seven was on the scoreboard four times. For the Eagles, seven hit six times and eight appeared four times. Eight is an odd number, but zero and three were common, like the last five Super Bowls. Seven seems like a good number as well considering Philadelphia’s last two games.

Zero, three and seven could be winners for Super Bowl 57 box games. The biggest game of the year is only hours away. Don’t forget to place your Super Bowl bets at BetUS Sportsbook.

The odds and predictions in the article are based on the time of writing and publication. They may differ as to when the actual event takes place.

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