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Super Bowl 57 National Anthem Odds

Oh, Say, Can You See … How to Cash on a Song

Super Bowl 57 is a chance to bet on everything and anything. These days, nothing is sacred or untouchable at the sportsbook exchange, including the national anthem.

The signing of the Star-Spangled Banner is one of the most popular proposition bets at the betting online exchange. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting productions the world over and the NFL goes all out to put on a great show for its fans.

Alicia Keys performs the National Anthem during Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers
Alicia Keys performs the National Anthem during Super Bowl XLVII - Ronald Martinez/Getty Images/afp

Kicking off the show is a great honor that is bestowed usually on big-name stars and this year’s anthem lineup is no exception, with country music star Chris Stapleton getting the nod for the national anthem and singer, songwriter and producer Babyface singing America the Beautiful. Rounding out the opening show will be Emmy Award-winning actor Sheryl Lee Ralph showcasing her rendition of Lift Every Voice and Sing.

Bookmakers at BetUS have thrown down the gauntlet with a number of proposition bets involving the belting of the patriotic song that was inspired by the United States flag and unites football fans across the country in pride. As well as offering odds for the rest of the opening show. For accurate and up-to-date details about the potential breaking of Byron Jones’ broad jump record at the 2023 NFL Combine.

Join us as we highlight these fun proposition bets that are sure to enhance your Super Bowl betting thrills.

Let’s check the latest Super Bowl picks, stats, injury reports, and Super Bowl odds. We’ve got plenty of Super Bowl lines for you to consider.

Super Bowl 57 National Anthem Odds

Here are the various markets currently trading across the betting online markets powered by BetUS.

Length of US National Anthem by Chris Stapleton

  • O 125 Seconds -130
  • U 125 Seconds Ev

This proposition bet is pretty self-explanatory. Bettors are betting on the length of the song from start to finish. By the NFL odds, it’s clear that the O 125 seconds is favored at -130.

Length Of America The Beautiful by Babyface

  • O 90 Seconds -125
  • U 90 Seconds -105

Once again, bettors here are betting on the length of the song. The O/U is set to 90 seconds with the former favored at -125.

Who Will be Shown 1st During Anthem?

  • Patrick Mahomes -125
  • Jalen Hurts -105

In order to expand its offering of proposition Super Bowl bets during the opening show, BetUS has rolled out a couple of periphery bets such as this one. Here bettors are placing a wager on which player the cameras will show first during Stapleton’s rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner. Will it be Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts?

If the NFL odds are right, the cameras will find Chiefs quarterback Mahomes first.

Who Will be Shown 1st During Anthem?

  • Andy Reid -115
  • Nick Sirianni -115

Just like the aforementioned market featuring Mahomes vs Hurts, here bettors are betting on whether Chiefs coach Andy Reid or Eagles counterpart Nick Sirianni will be caught on camera first during the national anthem. However, unlike the battle of the quarterbacks for the spotlight, it’s a 50-50 proposition bet between the two head coaches.

In the last 16 Super Bowls, the over has cracked nine times, the under six times and there has even been one push.

Nowadays, musicians tend to lean toward longer belting renditions, seemingly milking the opportunity to be in front of a global television audience. The markets have adjusted to this tendency, going to press with higher lines than previously.

To look at the past trends in terms of specific times, seven of the last 10 national anthem renditions were over two minutes long. In keeping with this trend, the line for Chris Stapleton’s performance is set to 125 seconds – five seconds above two minutes.

Super Bowl National Anthem Singing History

Here is a look at the last 10 Super Bowls and the length of the national anthem. To date, Alicia Keys’ rendition was the longest, at 2:36. The shortest version during the last 10 Super Bowls was by Demi Lovato, who delivered the crowd favorite Star Spangled Banner in 1:49.


Arguably, the most memorable national anthem performance to date was by Whitney Houston at Super Bowl 25 that went on for 2:15.

  • Super Bowl 56: Mickey Guyton → 1:50
  • Super Bowl 55: Jazmine Sullivan and Eric Church → 2:17
  • Super Bowl 54: Demi Lovato → 1:49
  • Super Bowl 53: Gladys Knight → 2:01
  • Super Bowl 52: Pink → 1:52
  • Super Bowl 51: Luke Bryan → 2:04
  • Super Bowl 50: Lady Gaga → 2:22
  • Super Bowl 49: Idina Menzel → 2:04
  • Super Bowl 48: Renee Fleming → 2:03
  • Super Bowl 47: Alicia Keys → 2:36

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