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Super Bowl 58 Ads Betting Odds and Picks

Super Bowl Sunday is a magical day for sports betting fans as you can bet on anything during those 24 hours. The ability to wager extends to many viewers’ favorite parts other than the game with lines on commercials during the game.

We’re already hearing NFL news regarding Super Bowl commercials featuring celebrities like Will Ferrell, Victoria Beckham, Dan Marino, and Andy Reid.

Super Bowl 58 Ads Betting Odds and Picks
Super Bowl 58 Ads Betting Odds and Picks

BMW Ad Features an All-Time Great

One prop I like right off the bat is which company has an ad run first: Coors Light (-190) or BMW (+140)

If BMW seems like an odd alternative to Coors Light, I can explain why the German car manufacturer ranks so high in this prop. We know that BMW produced a pricey commercial featuring legendary actor Christopher Walken. The idea behind the commercial is that Walken is confronted with actors impersonating him, including halftime show headliner Usher.



It’s big news for the automaker, and it’s the first time producing a commercial specifically for the Super Bowl since 2022, when Salma Hayek and Arnold Schwarzenegger played Zeus and Hera.

While we’ve all gotten accustomed to beer ads, especially Budweiser and Coors Light, running early in the broadcast, I think “Talkin Like Walken” is a good bet online as an underdog on Sunday. After watching a preview of the ad, I can’t think of a better way to break the early tension of the Super Bowl with a good laugh.

NERDS ad Getting a lot of Attention

I find it fascinating which brands pop up yearly with Super Bowl ads that you might not expect to shell out so much money for 30 seconds. This year, that company is NERDS candy. I like NERDS, but I wouldn’t have guessed they’d be at the center of Super Bowl commercial buzz, thanks to a teaser featuring Addison Rae released in January.

I don’t know who Rae is, but she’s wildly popular on TikTok and has parlayed that fame into a music career – at least, I think so.

The trailer for the ad is her giving a dance class to an offscreen actor. At the end of the preview, the commercial asks who you think she is coaching. It’s like this commercial was designed to be an NFL pick for the Super Bowl.

BetUS Sportsbook has odds on several candidates:

  1. Will Ferrell +200
  2. Eric Stonestreet +225
  3. Napoleon Dynamite +275
  4. Chris Pratt +350
  5. Mike Myers +450
  6. Ben Stiller +650
  7. Tom Cruise +750


As far as I know, there have been no credible rumors surrounding the mystery guest, but I like the idea of Eric Stonestreet popping up as Rae’s student. The “Modern Family” star has been very vocal about his love for the Chiefs, and it would be a fun way to tie the game into the ad. I wouldn’t bet the house on it, but it’s the only connection I could make to the game.



Questions Of The Day

best Vegas betting odds

Bud Light leads the trio at +110, with Michelob Ultra at +125 and Budweiser at +200.

Which former NFL player will appear in the M&M’s commercial?

Dan Marino leads the odds at -140, with Terrell Owens +110 and Bruce Smith +250.

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