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Super Bowl 59 Betting: Chiefs Should Dominate AFC West

When writing a preview of the NFL betting odds to win Super Bowl 59 with a focus on the AFC West, one team deserves a discussion. No offense intended to the San Diego Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, or Denver Broncos. But, much like the rest of the AFC East during the New England Patriot years, the Kansas City Chiefs are the team to consider when making SB 59 futures bets.


Super Bowl 59 Betting: Chiefs Should Dominate AFC West
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1. Kansas City Chiefs

The NFL odds for the Chiefs to three-peat opened at an attractive +600 at BetUS Sportsbook. From what we know, a week out of Super Bowl 58, the key piece of this team is staying put and wanting to add to their dynasty.

And yes, love or hate them, nobody can deny the Chiefs under Andy Reid, the title of a dynasty team.

With Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Reid returning in 2024, there is little reason to doubt the Chiefs’ chances to return to the deep rounds of the playoffs. No team in the AFC West can reasonably compete with them, and KC proved that when it struggles in the regular season, it still isl the best in the business in the playoffs.

The Chiefs were underdogs on the NFL lines for each of their three playoff games and showed everyone watching how absurd that was in hindsight. I’d love it if the books make the same mistake in 2024 because I made a bunch of money on fading their doubters last season.

For what it’s worth, I don’t see another single futures bet for 2024 that offers more value right now than the Chiefs +600 to win the Super Bowl again.

  • Kansas City Chiefs Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +600

2. San Diego Chargers

In my usually humble opinion, the Chargers’ betting odds for Super Bowl 59 are shorter than they should be, even with how good some of this team’s pieces are. At +2500, they have the same Super Bowl odds as the Houston Texans, who made the playoffs and won a game in the Wild Card round.

To make matters worse, the Chargers are projected to be around $55 million over the salary cap next season and won’t be able to do much work in free agency.

I love the signing of Jim Harbaugh, but much like his time in Michigan, success will take time.

  • Las Angeles Chargers Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +2500

3. Las Vegas Raiders

While I don’t have much faith in the Raiders’ chances of making much noise in 2024, I think their odds are a major slap in the face compared with the Chargers’. I looked at a few off-season rankings along with my own research, and the Raiders and Chargers, on paper, are very similar. They will fight for second place in the division, with neither shining particularly brightly.

So why are the Raiders +8000 while the Chargers are +2500? They have a much better QB, sure. And as I said, they are better on paper. But that gap is way too massive. Unfortunately, the Raiders are going nowhere, and we cannot take advantage of their pessimistic Super Bowl lines.

  • Las Vegas Raiders Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +8000

4. Denver Broncos

With a strict word limit for this article, I’ve left little room to write much of anything about the Broncos. But, considering their +10000 to win the Super Bowl, I think it’s best not to waste words just for the sake of equal coverage.

The Broncos aren’t worth a penny NFL bet to win anything in 2024.

  • Denver Broncos Odds to win Super Bowl 59: +10000



Questions of the Day

Which AFC team is the favorite to win Super Bowl 59?

With their success in Super Bowl 58, the Chiefs are strong favorites to win the AFC again and make a run at their third straight Super Bowl.

Are any AFC West teams not named the Chiefs worth a Super Bowl 59 futures bet online?

The Chargers’ Vegas betting odds at +2500 are curiously optimistic, but I can’t recommend betting on them or any other team in the AFC West besides KC to go all the way.

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