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Super Bowl 59 Odds: Does AFC East Have Worthy Contender?

Super Bowl 58 was a dramatic game, full of ups and downs for teams, fans and sports bettors like us. Now that the big game is over, we can only look forward.

The 2025 Super Bowl odds are already out, and I wanted to break down the AFC East’s chances of making the title game next season along with their odds to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Super Bowl 59 Odds: Does AFC East Have Worthy Contender?
Stefon Diggs #14 of the Buffalo Bills/Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images/AFP

1. Buffalo Bills (+1000)

The Bills fell short of a Super Bowl appearance despite having some of the top talent in the NFL. If the franchise wants to make the big game before Josh Allen either ages out or decides to leave Buffalo, it needs to get him some help. With Stefon Diggs’ status unknown and Gabe Davis hitting free agency, the Bills need a real downfield threat with playmaking abilities to get the most out of Allen before it’s too late.

Allen has the tools to be an MVP and is an early favorite, along with Patrick Mahomes, to win the award in 2024, but the team needs to help him with all the heavy lifting.

The Bills’ odds are worth a look, but beware: They face the sixth-toughest schedule in the league next season and will find it hard to beat the NFL lines in 2024. This also makes NFL weekly predictions tough to put in favor of Buffalo.


2. Miami Dolphins (+2000)

While the Bill faces a particularly brutal schedule next season, the Dolphins and their insane offense have one of the easiest. With two division games each against the Jets and Patriots, along with taking on the Jaguars, Titans, Raiders and Cardinals, Miami has a good chance to return to the playoffs in 2024.

Speaking of offense, the Dolphins have one major hole to fill this offseason. Their starting center, Connor Williams, was a beast in the last two years, but he tore his ACL and is scheduled to become a free agent. I don’t see him making a comeback, and Miami will need to fill his sizable shoes.

Obviously, the Dolphins need to stiffen up on defense, too. A Super Bowl is not out of the question if they can, even at +2000.

3. New York Jets (+2000)

I usually agree with the guys behind the scenes at BetUS Sportsbook, but I don’t see how the Jets and Dolphins have the same odds to win Super Bowl 59. Wait, I just remembered why. It’s because they think Aaron Rodgers will save Big Apple football.


I wouldn’t get too excited about Rodgers, who is old and recently hobbled. No amount of exotic mushrooms or psychedelic teas has shown any benefits to repairing torn tendons. Rodgers seems more focused on spouting conspiracy theories on podcasts than football at this point in his life, and his time to shine has passed.

I didn’t have faith in the Jets last season, and I have even less in them now.

4. New England Patriots (+10000)

We’ve crossed into true longshot territory, and I almost feel silly writing about the New England Patriots and the Super Bowl in the same sentence. With that in mind, I’ll keep this short and sweet.

The Patriots dynasty is finally dead, with Bill Belichick off the payroll for the first time in 23 years. The only thing this franchise has to look forward to in the short term is getting a top pick in the 2025 NFL draft.

We will see if they try to make any waves in free agency. But for now, Jerod Mayo will have a rough debut as New England’s head coach.


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Questions Of The Day

What AFC East team has the best odds to win Super Bowl 59?

The Buffalo Bills are +1000 to win Super Bowl 59.

Are the Dolphins or Jets the next-best Super Bowl bet in the AFC East?

The Dolphins are the better pick and have a much easier schedule.

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