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Top 3 Draft Picks In Jaguars History: Can’t Leave MJD Out

Picking the best draft picks in history for different NFL teams can be very easy – or a bit more difficult if you’re talking about a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In all honesty, when you think of proverbial NFL draft picks, the Jaguars don’t necessarily jump up as a team with the best selections in history.

Top 3 Draft Picks In Jacksonville Jaguars History
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Still, that doesn’t mean the Jaguars haven’t struck gold here and there, which is why here we count down the best picks in Jacksonville’s draft history.

1. Tony Boselli, LT, 1995 Draft

Finding the three best draft picks in Jaguars history wasn’t easy. But at least putting left tackle and NFL Hall of Famer Tony Boselli up first was a no-brainer.

Boselli was one of the best left tackles in the league during his playing days; there’s no denying or debating that. One can only assume that if it weren’t for his constant knee injuries, which cut his career short after just seven seasons in the pros, he would easily be considered one of the top five left tackles in the league’s history.

As remembered by NFL draft news historians, Boselli is considered the greatest Jaguars draft pick of all time. He was the first player ever selected by Jacksonville in a league draft, instantly becoming the franchise’s first cornerstone player.

What would follow would be three First-Team All-Pro honors, five Pro Bowl nods, selection to the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team and induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2022.

2. Fred Taylor, RB, 1998 Draft

If you are ever asked who is the best running back in Jacksonville’s history, remember the name Fred Taylor. Taken No. 9 overall in the 1998 draft from the University of Florida, there were moments throughout Taylor’s career that, even while going through injury problems, his talents could not be eclipsed by anyone, with various football experts comparing him to Bo Jackson.

Compared to the best running backs to ever grace the league, only two rushers hold better yards per carry and yards per game rushing averages than Taylor. Those two are Detroit Lions legend Barry Sanders and Cleveland Browns megastar Jim Brown.

With 11,695 rushing yards, making him the team’s all-time best rusher, plus 66 rushing touchdowns and an average of 4.6 yards per carry, the fact Taylor only got one Second-Team All-Pro nod and one Pro Bowl invitation in his career makes little to no sense.

Once the 2025 HOF voting stage starts, Taylor can earn his much-deserved spot in Canton.

3. Jalen Ramsey, CB, 2016 Draft

Yes, it could be argued that Ramsey wasn’t with the Jaguars long enough to truly claim to be one of the team’s best draft picks. But come on, tell me a better cornerback to ever come out of Jacksonville, and I’ll give you a buck to bet on NFL action once the season gets going.

Between his mix of over-the-top swag, rough-and-tough playing attitude and overall dominant talent on the field, Ramsey took little to no time cementing his status as one of the best corners in the league.

While his tenure in Jacksonville only lasted three seasons and change, he still managed to earn one First-Team All-Pro honor, as well as two Pro Bowl nods, before moving to the Los Angeles Rams, where he would win Super Bowl LVI. He later joined the Miami Dolphins, where he has quickly become one of the team’s prominent defensive leaders.

With three First-Team All-Pro honors and seven Pro Bowl nods, and still quite some time left in the league to continue building his legacy, it’s straightforward to make an NFL prediction right here and now. Ramsey will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer once he retires and is eligible for selection.

Honorable Mention: Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, 2006 Draft

Closing out the list while picking Trevor Lawrence would have been an easy cop-out; I’m not willing to give him any more love than he already gets until he genuinely proves himself as the team’s most important offensive weapon for the future.

Instead, I’m going with a player with so many accolades during his playing days in Jacksonville that he could give Taylor a run for his money as the team’s most dominant running back: Maurice Jones-Drew.

During his eight-year tenure with the Jaguars, Jones-Drew earned two First-Team All-Pro and one Second-Team All-Pro honors, along with three Pro Bowl nods. He also led the NFL in 2011, rushing for over 1,606 yards.

Within the Jaguars organization, Jones-Drew holds the records for most career touchdowns (81) and most career rushing touchdowns (68), among other accolades.

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