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Top Positional Needs All Teams Should Target With Their Initial Draft Picks

You! Yes you, football fan who has been playing imaginary GM for the past few weeks, the time to put all games aside is almost here. With the NFL draft set to kick off on April 27th and extending to the 29th, all 32 teams in the league are already hard at deciphering what a grade-A draft strategy should look like.

With football, there’s no such thing as a perfect team. There never has been, and there never will be. Every offseason all squads in the league look for the best way to buff up their rosters to achieve that which all want, a winning season and all the hype and smoke that comes with it.

CJ Stroud of Ohio State participates in a drill during the NFL Combine
CJ Stroud of Ohio State participates in a drill during the NFL Combine | Stacy revere/getty images/afp

So? Where do we go from here? We can wait it out until the end of the month, trusting that all teams in the league will find a magic solution to all of their draft needs. We could also take a deep dive into all of the NFL mock drafts around to weigh out all options around.

You know what? Let’s just talk straight-up football and break down three of the most important positional needs every team should target with their initial picks as we continue on our road to the NFL draft. Place your bets now and win big with our reliable NFL odds!

Carolina Panthers

  • Needs: QB, Edge, WR

You don’t need to be a Panthers fan to know the answer here. It’s obvious, Carolina needs a new franchise QB, which is why they traded for the No.1 overall pick with the Bears. So, come on, everyone says it with me: “Carolina, Get Your QB!”

Houston Texans

Needs: QB, WR, Edge

You could’ve had that No.1 pick Houston. But no, you had to go and do the most Texans thing around and screw yourselves over. Still, with the 2nd pick and an immense need for a new franchise passer, the Texans should hopefully find their new QB.

Arizona Cardinals

  • Needs: DL, CB, OL

New head coach Jonathan Gannon will have his hands full trying to rebuild a defense in dire need of a complete makeover. So landing the best defensive player on the board will be of the essence.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Needs: QB, CB, OL

Let’s say that CJ Stroud and Bryce Young are already taken. They’re the two top QB prospects in this year’s draft, so it makes sense. With Anthony Richardson and Will Levis still on the table, and the Colts needing a passer, who will head off to Indy to being his tenure as the team’s new franchise passer?

Seattle Seahawks

  • Needs: DL, WR, OL

With two picks in the first round, Seattle should go defense first. There will be time to address their needs at finding a 3rd receiver and bolstering their offensive line. For now though, getting a strong defensive lineman will be key.

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Detroit Lions

  • Needs: DB, Dl, TE

Detroit will be one of the most exciting teams this coming season. Mark my words or fight me if you don’t agree, I’ll still won’t back down. With 2 picks in the 1st round, I could see Detroit going for the best DB on the board first and then looking for another monster piece on defense to pair up with Aidan Hutchinson, Malcolm Rodriguez, and company.

Las Vegas Raiders

  • Needs: CB, OL, DL

Now that Jimmy G is set to be the Raiders’ QB for the future, bolstering up a sad secondary department, starting with their cornerback position. Once that’s done, finding potential starters for their offensive and defensive line should follow.

Atlanta Falcons

  • Needs: Edge, CB, WR

If you put me and Atlanta’s defense competing to see who gets more sacks, it wouldn’t be that much of a hassle to know who to go with. Yes, me. The Falcons need a starting-caliber edge rusher right away, and the draft might just offer the guy they need with the 8th pick.

  • Chicago Bears:

Needs: DL, OL, CB

Alright, Bears, you shook the league by trading the No.1 spot in the draft to Carolina, so what’s next? Either finding an impactful, ready-now star on defense or scoring the best OL talent available. If I were GM Ryan Poles, I would go defense, just saying.

Philadelphia Eagles

  • Needs: S, DL, RB

Looking good Eagles, but you could look better. Finding star prospects for their safety and defensive line positions feels like two very important positions to tackle. If left up to me though, I say go running back first and address the defensive line with their 2nd pick in the first round.

Tennessee Titans

  • Needs: OL, WR, DB

How does one try to decipher a team as intricate and at the same time boring as the Titans? While they could use help on various parts of the ball, it’s still very hard to understand what they’re doing right now. So, for now, take the best OL player available and go from there.

Houston Texans (2nd pick in the 1st Round)

With a new QB on lock, and after seeing Brandin Cooks leave, it’s time for the Texans to find a new starting WR. Chop chop Houston, get to it before it’s too late and you drop the ball again.

New York Jets

  • Needs: OL, DT, S

Aaron Rodgers will get to New York sooner than later, so no, drafting a QB is not an option. Finding an offensive tackle though or a center could work wonders.

New England Patriots

  • Needs: DB, OT, WR

I hate the Patriots, but I love to watch Bill Belichick on draft day. While he could decide to go with the best talent on the board, he could also end up picking a guy out of nowhere who nobody has ever seen the play but that has that something that makes Belichick jump for joy. Whatever happens, getting Mac Jones some help at the receiver should be the way to go.

Green Bay Packers

  • Needs: S, TE, WR

Get Jordan Love some strong targets to get his tenure as the new QB for the Packers going on the right foot. Afterward, tackle the secondary.

Washington Commanders

  • Needs: CB, OL, TE

The NFC East is filled to the brim with strong receivers left and right. So what does this mean? That the Commanders should focus on landing a top-quality cornerback to begin their draft on a strong note.

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Needs: OL, CB, DL

If Mike Tomlin wants Kenny Pickett to succeed in his 2nd year as QB, then Pittsburgh needs to get a strong offensive tackle, it’s as simple as that. Focusing on the defense can be done afterward.

Detroit Lions (2nd pick in the 1st Round)

Go back up a few spots and check out my initial thoughts on Detroit’s picks, don’t be lazy.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • Needs: OL, S, DL

Give it up Bucs fans, he’s not coming back. With a new QB slated to start, finding the strongest options at offensive line players to protect the team’s new passer should be a top priority.

Seattle Seahawks: (2nd pick in the 1st Round)

Just like with the Lions, head on up a bit and give Seattle a second look. Keep in mind, once the defense is taken care of, a 3rd receiver should be the goal.

Los Angeles Chargers

  • Needs: WR, DL, TE

Who cares if Austin Ekeler ends up leaving or not, LA will still live afterward. Getting a new WR for Justin Herbert though? That sounds like a great idea.

Baltimore Ravens

  • Needs: WR, CB, QB

I don’t see Lamar Jackson going anywhere, but still, let’s keep QB as an option of need just in case. Taking that Jackson stays, Baltimore should do two things here. One, pay the man. And two? Draft the best receiver still on board to help its QB out in the long run.

Minnesota Vikings

  • Needs: CB, DL, WR

The Vikings need a new cornerback and defensive tackle, especially after the hits they took in the free agency market. I see Minnesota taking the best CB available here and then moving on to their defensive line needs and finding a new route-running mate for Justin Jefferson.

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Needs: CB, OT, DE

Just like the Lions in the NFC, the Jaguars in the AFC will be one of the most exciting teams in the league next season. Landing a starting-caliber cornerback should only make them better.

New York Giants

  • Needs: WR, OL, CB

After deciding to go steady with QB Daniel Jones, it’s time to spruce up the relationship more by adding a solid rookie receiver or maybe the best available offensive line talent on the board.

Dallas Cowboys

  • Needs: DL, OL, TE

Until Dak Prescott doesn’t get his act together, finding players to help him will be key. But you know what, screw Prescott and his unjustified contract. The Cowboys should find more talents for their defensive line and be happy.


Buffalo Bills

  • Needs: WR, DT, LB

Gabe Davis will be hitting the free agency market next year. Stefon Diggs will be collecting a huge paycheck next year as well. So why not start preparing for the inevitable and draft a strong receiver for 2023?

Cincinnati Bengals

  • Needs: TE, OT, RB

Joe Burrow needs as much help on offense as possible, both protecting him as well as in the playmaking department. Still, a strong tight end could make a world of difference for the Bengals, so I say go with that with the 28th pick.

New Orleans Saints

  • Needs: DL, TE, OL

You’re probably wondering what the Saints are doing picking so low here. But we can get to that another day. For now, NOLA should focus on landing a strong defensive end or defensive tackle in the first round.

Philadelphia Eagles: (2nd pick in the 1st Round)

You should know the drill by now. Do like an eagle and soar up to my initial comments on what Philadelphia should do in this year’s draft.

Kansas City Chiefs

  • Needs: WR, OT, Edge

Schuster walked, and so did Hardman, which automatically means that the reigning Super Bowl champions should be looking at landing a new starting receiver with the last pick of this draft’s 1st round.

Teams with No 1st Round Picks in 2023

Cleveland Browns: (2nd Round 42nd pick)

  • Needs: DE, LB, RB

After trading this year’s 1st round pick, amongst others to the Texans for Deshaun Watson, the Browns will be hitting the draft late this year. With that said, finding a good option at running back to help Nick Chubb and another strong option at defensive end will be pivotal.

Denver Broncos: (3rd Round, 67th pick)

  • Needs: C, Edge, RB

Sean Payton wants this Broncos team to be as perfect as possible, even without any premier draft picks this year. Entering late, just like the Browns, Denver should focus on landing the best prospect at center for their offensive line.

Los Angeles Rams: (2nd Round, 36th pick)

Needs: Edge, CB, DL

You name it, the Rams need it. For now though, hopefully, they can find a strong prospect at edge rusher to start trying to fix a broken-down defense.

Miami Dolphins: (2nd Round, 51st pick)

Needs: TE, OT, LB

How can you be a potential contender in the AFC without a 1st round pick? Well, have you met the Miami Dolphins? After seeing Mike Gesicki leave and without any real hopes for their options at TE right now, landing a strong TE with their first pick in the draft could be the way to go for the ‘Fins.

San Francisco 49ers: (3rd Round, 99th pick)

  • Needs: OL, CB, Edge

With Mike McGlinchey leaving for Denver, the Niners need to find a new option at offensive tackle. Besides that, bolstering up the depth in the cornerback and edge positions should also be focus points.

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