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What The 49ers Need: Reinforcements Would Be Nice

Has enough time passed to talk about how the San Francisco 49ers let faulty play-calling spoil their chances of winning Super Bowl LXIII? They were favorites in our NFL betting spread for the game, and played tremendously on defense, all while holding their own offensively.

Yet, when everything mattered most, a couple of bad calls made everything go South for the Niners, as they watched the Kansas City Chiefs lift their second straight Super Bowl title.

What The 49ers Need: Reinforcements Would Be Nice
San Francisco 49ers'/Patrick T. Fallon / AFP

But hey, enough sulking, let’s talk about what the immediate future should look like for San Francisco.

With little to no cap space to work with, the need to find a new defensive coordinator after the firing of Steve Wilks, but also no real needs on their roster besides getting a couple of offensive linemen, what’s in store for the Niners this offseason?

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Draft: Offensive Line Needs Help

One of the main, if not the main focus point, San Francisco should tackle in the 2024 NFL draft is finding the best available offensive line prospects to pair alongside left tackle Trent Williams. Williams is cool, he’s the best in the game in his position, but he cannot do it all. The man needs help.

If you jump into NFL news sites, every single Niners related draft talk centers around how the team needs to find Brock Purdy some new protectors.

San Francisco’s pass-blocking numbers were not as good as one would expect from a team that excels at basically everything. In the Super Bowl, it didn’t take Chiefs DC Steve Spagnuolo to see this and find ways to expose the team’s O-line constantly.

Come draft time, the Niners need to focus on landing somebody for guard, center, and right offensive tackle. Afterward, snatching a new receiver and some depth at safetyshould be key. First and foremost, all attention needs to go to the offensive line.

If it’s for guard or center, a player as versatile as Duke’s Graham Barton would be perfect. Even if he played most of his college career as left tackle, he has the chops to move to guard or center and be a Week 1 starter.

Besides Barton, players like Washington’s Troy Fautanu and Arizona’s Jordan Morgan also fit the team’s needs.

As long as by the time the Niners are picking in the first round one of the three is available, they need to make it a point to focus on landing one of them.


Free Agency: Can Anybody Spare Some Change for the Niners?

Just because you are a perennial favorite amongst NFL betting fanatics, that doesn’t mean everything is bright and beautiful all the time. Take San Francisco’s salary cap situation for the 2024 offseason.

With about $984K in projected cap space to work with, San Francisco’s general manager John Lynch will need to create some serious magic in contract restructuring if he wishes to make any free-agency moves.

Once that’s done, thinking about going for a cheap but durable option to boost the offensive line could end up paying the biggest dividends.

San Francisco is in dire need of some help in all O-line positions besides left tackle. Going for an O-line veteran to help bring some experience for better protecting Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey doesn’t seem like such an unachievable task.

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Outlook: NFL Betting Favorites Until Proven Otherwise

Does a Super Bowl loss make a team any less of a favorite the following season? Not necessarily. If said team, like the Niners of course, is able to keep the vast majority of the team’s core, including coaches and players, sorry Wilks, their online betting odds wouldn’t necessarily have to suffer much.

While the competition in the AFC continues to grow quickly, over in the NFC, the Niners can still sit on a certain level of peace, knowing that unless the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles truly step up their game, the conference will still be theirs to win.

Oh, and just in case you are waiting for me to dish an NFL prediction about Purdy winning next year’s MVP Award, I’m not ready for that, so stay waiting.

McCaffrey on the other hand? Consider me sold on the idea!

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After the firing of Steve Wilks, the 49ers should focus on looking inward to fill their defensive coordinator vacancy. With that said, Defensive passing game/nickel backs coach Nick Sorensen feels like the best fit.


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